Pakistan’s Problems as a Developing Country

By | January 9, 2019

The developing countries have many problems in common though for some like South Korea, Malaysia and Chile (South America) these problems are becoming fewer each year. We shall discuss some of the most serious problems facing our country.

Firstly, our country has a very outdated, outmoded and outlandish feudal system (big landowners system that has brought about 75 percent of our population and three-fourths of our land to a standstill situation. Ever since the departure of the English from India Pakistan has been under the constant dead weight of the feudal lords or big landowners. Now is the time to release the rural population of this weight and provide it educational, medical and working facilities.

Secondly, the new industrial and business magnates (men of wealth) in the cities need to be trained and controlled so that their position and wealth do not become a problem for society. They should be: made to pay full taxes and to contribute for the welfare of their employees and servants.

Thirdly, our country, like so many other developing countries like Afghanistan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil, is enmeshed (entangled) in the narcotic (drug) business. Some of our northern areas produce heroin that is smuggled out enriching the traders greatly. The production and smuggling of heroin, marijuana or other narcotics should be stopped as early as possible.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Fourthly, illiteracy is the greatest evil because of which the people cannot understand their problems and social realities well. About 90 percent of people here are illiterate or semi-literate. It is the need of the hour to educate and inform these people suitably.

Fifthly, overpopulation of population explosion in the country is a serious problem. This population rise should be controlled to let the country grow and develop economically and socially.

Sixthly, unemployment goes hand in hand with the abnormal increase in population. The economy should expand, industrialization should be faster and technical and industrial education should be common for the creation of new jobs.

Seventhly, the problem of rising prices or inflation or the fall in the value of the rupee is constantly worrisome for the common people. This problem is directly connected with underdevelopment of the economy. The economy should be developed fast for greater production of quality exportable goods.

Eighthly, the problem of a rapid shift of village populations to the cities (urbanization) and pressure on cities can be addressed by developing our countryside properly. By setting up small (cottage) and export-oriented industries and by increasing commerce between villages we can provide employment opportunities in villages.

Ninthly, the rising tide of crime, especially in the cities, in the form of dacoities, murders, sexual. abuse and corruption in different forms can only be checked if the solution to the above big problems is found. Every society needs effective government and governance.

Tenthly, on top of it all, the problem of national integration or national unity needs to be resolved. All forms of ethnic, racial and provincial feelings that cut across national unity need to be replaced by patriotic and nationalistic feelings.

We need to find a lasting solution to our mammoth (very huge) problems that, if not done away with in time, are likely to do away with us.

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