Pakistan as an Atomic Power (English Essay)

By | January 1, 2019

 “For us to become an atomic power was unavoidable.”

Pakistan started developing her atomic capacity (ability) after India’s successful nuclear explosion in 1974. When India became a nuclear power, how could Pakistan stay (lag) behind in the face of her illegal occupation of Kashmir and her threats to Pakistan? India exploded more nuclear bombs in early May 1998.

The scientists of Pakistan, with the co-operation of the successive (coming one after another) governments, succeeded in detonating (exploding) six unclear bombs in late May 1998. This established her as the seventh nuclear world power after the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and India.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The status of Pakistan, as a nuclear power, has a few positive results. First of all, it corrected the balance of power in South Asia that was in Indian’s favor after her nuclear explosions. India could no more threaten or blackmail Pakistan into a forced solution of the Kashmir problem. She could no more think of attacking (invading) Pakistan across international frontiers as she had done in 1965. On the other hand, Pakistan’s nuclear status acted as a great support to the Arabs against Israel. Israel now could not decide to attack Middle Eastern countries like Syria and Saudi Arabia for fear of the Islamic bomb.

Secondly, Pakistan could now opposé, in her own right, India’s claim to a seat in the Security Council of the UN as the world’s largest democracy with nuclear capability. If Pakistan could not gain a permanent seat in the Security Council, why should India?

Thirdly, Pakistan’s nuclear capability gave her a golden chance to develop it for peaceful purposes. The atomic scientists of the country are now researching on the use of atomic energy for the production of electricity (power) at different places in the country. Several advanced countries like France, Germany, Britain, China, and Japan are already making use of atomic energy to produce cheap electricity on a massive scale. When we have a nuclear power plant in Karachi for the production of electricity, it will be possible to have further, better plants in other cities. For this, we could arrange tours of our scientists to the advanced countries to study and learn the techniques of manufacturing and using modern nuclear power plants. [the_ad id=”17142″]Another use of nuclear energy can be in medicine. Some dangerous diseases like cancer and pains in the joint and eye diseases can possibly be treated and cured through advanced atomic techniques.

Fourthly, atomic energy can be used in place of natural fuels like oil and gas. In the advanced countries like the US and Russia, ships and submarines use nuclear energy as fuel. The same can be done by the developing countries like ours. If cars, buses and planes also start using nuclear or some other equally effective fuel, travel and communication will become extremely cheap.

No doubt, atomic energy is a great blessing. It can, however, be the worst curse if it is used for destructive purposes. Most of the world can be destroyed almost completely by the use of atomic energy in a negative way. Let Pakistan initiate (start) a programme to show and exemplify how nuclear energy can be an answer to many of our problems arising out of disease and shortage of natural fuels. Then other peaceful uses of atomic energy can be suggested through continuous research and effort.

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