My Ambition in Life is to become an Engineer

By | January 7, 2019

Outlines for My Aim in Life to become an Engineer

  • The introduction

  • Every student should have a definite (clear) aim in life

  • My aim is to become an engineer

  • How I am preparing to become an engineer

  • What I shall do after entering the engineering profession

  • The conclusion

  • To work honestly and efficiently as an engineer is my prime purpose

Every student should have a definite aim in life and should know well about the profession that he wishes to adopt (take up). There are quite a few professions. A student should choose one of them, and carefully prepare for it.

My aim in life is to become an engineer. I intend to be a civil engineer after the completion of my education. The choice of the engineering profession has been made after a great deal of thought. I like this profession from the heart as it appeals to me and suits me well.[the_ad id=”17141″]

All my education is, thus, directed towards the grand engineering profession. From morning till night I am busy with my studies, and so I am preparing myself for the engineering profession with great effort. Physics and mathematics at college take most of my time. These subjects are essential (very necessáry) for the study of engineering. Therefore, I study their details in as many books as possible and write answers to questions that are corrected by teachers. The formulas and problems of mathematics are, what engages my attention in a special way.

I also study English with devotion. I know that most of my books on the subjects of engineering will be in English. I like to improve my knowledge of English as much as possible so that I may be able to understand my books on engineering easily. I may have to go to another country for advanced studies in engineering where I shall have to read, write and speak English.

I am very fond of (like very much) visiting engineering, works under construction. I like to visit huge bridges, dams, buildings, factories, and roads to get familiar with the engineering techniques. I observe the different ways in which the workers perform their work.

As a civil engineer, I shall like to take part in the designing and construction of big bridges and dams in Pakistan. I may have to visit different parts of the country and foreign countries to learn about the way successful bridges and dams have been constructed: In this way, I shall be taking part in various nation-building activities. My contributions to engineering works will definitely be remembered by the people.

To work as an engineer in an honest and efficient way. will be my highest purpose of life. I hope that I shall always be happy and satisfied with my profession.

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