Lesson 8 (The Gulistan of Sa’di) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: Write a note on the character of Nushirvan.

Nushirvan was a famous Persian king. He was regarded as a very kind and noble ruler for whom justice was of supreme importance. He gave great value to the rights of the people. He asked his men to observe them as well. History tells us that the period in which justice is available to everyone is called the golden rule. So it is very rightly claimed that Nushirvan’s period was a golden period. People were happy and the country made a great progress. This is why he is remembered with respect and honour.

Q: What should be the role of a king?

A king is guide and caretaker of the country and the countrymen. He should be wise and must have his own opinion. He must be God-fearing. Only then he can maintain justice in his state. An ideal king does not keep himself away from his people. He keeps them happy by creating better opportunities for them. He should be loving to his people. Only then his people will love him. For him the rich and the poor are alike. Kindness and justice should be his principles.

Q: What moral lesson do you get from the second tale?

In the present situation, the Second story teaches us a very good moral lesson. The main problem of the underdeveloped countries is that all the members of the government machinery are involved in financial corruption. If they behave like the great lover of justice, King Nushirvan, the whole situation will be changed. Nushervan did not like to take a little amount of salt without paying for it. He knew that his small act in this regard would result in corruption of great size. The wisdom of the man at the top saves the nation from evils effects of any sort. If every ruler displays character and wisdom, the nation is sure to make success. Justice in the society is the key to a good rule.

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