Lesson 7 (The Use of Force) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

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Q: How did the mother spoil the case while the doctor was about to begin his inspection?

She foolishly told the child not to worry.as the doctor was not going to hurt her. The word “hurt” actually spoiled the situation and the child became afraid.

Q: How did the child react when the doctor came close to her?

As he went near her, she tried to jump at him like a cat. Both her hands reached his face. In the process, his glasses were knocked of and went flying for several feet.

Q: What was the parents’s behavior on the mistake committed by the child?

They were quite embarrassed. They were ashamed. They begged pardon again and again. They cursed the child also.

Q: What warning did the doctor give to the parents after the child’s misbehavior?

The doctor warned the parents that the child might die of the disease if proper care was not taken. He clearly said that he would not take up the case unless they accepted the responsibility.

Q: What was the effect of the doctor’s warning on Mathilda’s parents?

The mother admonished the child and the father became very strict. The father held her tight so that the doctor might examine her throat.

Q: Why did Mathilda’s parents rebuke her?

Mathilda misbehaved with the doctor. Her parents felt ashamed of this act. Her proper check up was necessary for her life. She was not co-operating with the doctor. So they rebuked her.

Q: What was the threat of the doctor to Mathilda for not showing her throat?

The doctor became very angry. He threatened her that he would be very strict. He declared that he would use force.

Q: Why did Mathilda break the wooden blade?

The child hated the doctor. She had turned against her. She did not like his instruments. So she chewed the wooden blade and broke it into pieces.

Q: How did the doctor use force to inspect the child’s throat?

He seized her head with his left hand and put the wooden tongue depressor between her teeth. When he had got the depressor behind her last teeth, she crushed it to pieces.

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