Lesson 7 (The Use of Force) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

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Q: What was Mathilda’s condition after the check up was over?

She was furious. Earlier she was defensive but now he had become aggressive. She tried to attack the doctor, but the tears of defeat blinded her eyes.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Q: How did the child look by appearance?

She was a very attractive little girl, as strong as a young cow. She was suffering from throat infection and high fever. This is why her face was flushed and she was breathing rapidly. She did not move and seemed inwardly quiet. She had beautiful thick hair of golden colour. She looked as beautiful as the pictures in advertising leaflets or the Sunday papers. As she was afraid of the doctor, there was marked dislike in her eyes for the doctor. She was eating him up with her cold eyes.

Q: Why did the parents keep the sick child in the kitchen?

The kitchen was warm and comfortable while, the other rooms were damp. The child felt cold because she had throat infection. She was suffering from high fever and she needed warm atmosphere. This is why she was fully dressed and was sitting on her father’s lap.

Q: How did the doctor succeed in examining her throat?

The doctor thought that the child was suffering from diphtheria. Her face was red and she was breathing rapidly. He wanted to confirm his guess by inspecting her throat. He tried to do it in a friendly way, but the child did not respond properly. So the doctor used his force. He held her head and put a wooden blade between her teeth. The child crushed it to pieces. Then he asked for a smooth-handled spoon. He opened her mouth again with the help of the handle of the spoon. in this way, he succeeded in examining her throat.

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