Lesson 6 (The Reward) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

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Q: Why were the brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration?

The brilliant dresses were put in the shade because Gorgios uniform was of superior class. it was a tight-fitting suit of red velvet, all gay with gold buttons. It was shining with lines of gold lace that made a curved design. He appeared in a flood of golden light. His white hair and the red uniform showed each other off to perfection. No doubt, other men and women were also wearing very fine dresses, but Gorgios uniform outshined every dress.

Q: What is the lesson the story teaches?

The story tells the moral lesson that if a man keeps on struggling with full determination, he can attain everything. The aim that Gorgios achieved looked impossible, but he made it possible because he stuck to it too hard and too long. if a man works single-mindedly and whole-heartedly, he succeeds in getting his aim. The character of Gorgios and his struggle are a model for the human beings who have set difficult goals for themselves.

Q: What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?

Gorgios parents criticized him because they did not like his attitude. They were of practical bent of mind. They thought that he was wasting his time in foolish activities

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