Lesson 3 (Dark They were and Golden-Eyed) Short Questions 1st Year

Table of Contents

Q: What did the Earth people want to grow on Mars?

Ans: The Earth people wanted to grow Earthly fruit and vegetables on Mars. But the Martian virus and atmosphere changed the Onions and peaches.[the_ad id=”17151″]

Q: What was Mr. Bittering’s companions’ reaction when he was building the rocket?

Ans: His companions were quite happy on the Martian lands. They did not like Mr. Bittering’s idea of going back to Earth. So they took no interest in his efforts of building the rocket.

Q: What did Mr. Bittering say to his wife when she brought him supper?

Ans: Mr. Bittering refused to eat the Martian food. He said that he would eat only food from their Deep-freeze.

Q: What effect did summer have on the atmosphere?

Ans: Summer burned the canals dry. The blazing air destroyed the paint of the houses, it was quite unbearable. Describe Mr. Bittering as he stood in the quiet autumn. By the autumn, Mr. Bittering had been completely changed himself. His colour had become dark. His eyes had turned golden. Now he had no desire to go back to Earth.

Q: What did Mr. Bittering’s daughter and sons do when they had no Work to do?

Ans: When the children had nothing to do, the girl wove patterns on a piece of cloth. The boys played songs on flutes and pipes.

Q: What did Mr. Bittering think when he looked at the Earth settlement far away in the low valley?

Ans: Mr. Bittering had now become a Martian man. He looked at the settlement made by the Earth people and thought that they were silly people and made odd houses.

Q: What changes had taken place in Harry Bittering’s wife?

Ans: Like others, she was also completely changed. Her eyes had become yellow. Her body had become thin like her daughter’s

Q: Describe how Mr. Bittering went to swim in the spring water.

Ans: Mr. Bittering felt warm, so he thqught of having a swim. He went along with his family down a path of clear-running water. Their backs were towards the valley.

Q: Why did Harry want to stay on Mars at the later stage?

Ans: With the passage of time, Harry Bittering was completely changed. He had lost his memories of the Earth. He thought that he was a Martian. So he wanted to stay on Mars.

Q: What happened five years later?

Ans: Five years later, a rocket fell out of the sky. It lay steaming in the valley. Some men jumped out of it. They were crying with joy.

Q: What did rocket-men say as they stepped out of their rocket?

Ans: The rocket-men broke the news that they had won war on Earth. They shouted. that they had come to deliver the Earth people.

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