Lesson 3 (Dark They were and Golden-Eyed) Short Questions 1st Year

Table of Contents

Q: What was the condition of Mr. Bittering’s house?

Ans: Mr. Bittering was shocked to see his house because the wind had destroyed it. The burning days and frosty nights had changed it completely. It did not look an Earthman’s house.

Q: Describe the men sitting outside the grocery store in town.

Ans: They sat on the shadowy step of the grocery store. They had their hands on their knees. They were conversing with ease. They were not shocked by the destruction of New York.

Q: What advice did Mr. Bittering give to the people sitting outside the grocery shop?

Ans: Mr. Bittering called them fools as they were not aware of the danger. He suggested that they must try to find out some means of reaching back to the Earth.[the_ad id=”17144″]

Q: Why did Mr. Bittering say to his companions that if they stayed there, they would all change?

Ans: As they were the Earth people, the Martian atmosphere did not suit them. It was bringing changes in them. So he said to them that if they stayed there they would all change.

Q: What offer did Sam give to Mr. Bittering?

Ans: Sam told him that he had a whole load of metal and plans for building a rocket. If Harry was interested, he could buy it for five hundred dollars.

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