Lesson 3 (Dark They were and Golden-Eyed) Short Questions 1st Year

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Q: What differences can you point out in the life-style of the people of two different planets?

Ans: There was a marked difference in the life-style of the people of two different nations:

  • People on Earth were under a threat of the atomic war, while people living on Mars were mentally relaxed.
  • People living on Mars were slim bodied. They were taller than the Earth people. Their eyes were yellow and skin dark.
  • The people of Mars liked to live in hills.
  • The people of Mars were friendly and peaceful.
  • They were quite happy on the planet.

Q: Why did Mr. Bittering want to go back to Earth?

Ans: Mr. Bittering felt that the Martian atmosphere did not suit him. Right from the beginning he felt that at Mars he would lose his identity. This is why he wanted to go back to Earth.

Q: How did the Martian hills and cities look like?

Ans: Time had destroyed the Martian hills. The old cities were lost in their valleys and looked like children’s little bones.

Q: Why did Mr. Bittering’s wife oppose his idea of going back to the Earth?

Ans: His wife told him that they had travelled over sixty million miles. It was difficult for them to go back to the Earth where there was the danger of an atomic war.

Q: Describe how Mr. Bittering and his family walked into the town.

Ans: Mr. Bittering picked up the luggage in his cold hands. He looked like a man standing on the edge of a sea, ready to walk in and be drowned. Describe the Bittering family. The Bittering family had come from the Earth to Mars. They were Harry Bittering, his wife Cora and their three children Dan, Laura and David.

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