Lesson 2 (Clearing in The Sky) Short Questions 1st Year English

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Q: What did the son remember from his childhood? Were these good memories?

Ans: This son was the eldest one. As such, he was very close to his father. His father took him to the fields. He saw his father hunting fox-squirrels, rabbits and other things. He remembered that his father and mother worked together on their farms. They cleared the land of wild plants and trees. They raised crops and corn. Sometimes he also helped them. His father once made him a small plough. With the help of this plough, he thinned corn. So we see that he remembered the golden days of his childhood. These were surely good memories.

Q: Write the story in your own words?

Ans: This is the story of a hard-working farmer told by his son. He cultivated a new land at the slope of a mountain. When he was thirty years old, he suffered from heart disease. But he ignored his doctors’ advice and continued working. He had lived to raise a family of five children. When he turned seventy, he wished to plough a new land again. This time only the mountain top was available. So he went there and ploughed the top all alone. Then he showed it to his son who was surprised at it.

Q: What moral lesson does the story teach?

Ans: This story teaches us the moral lesson that hard work is a key to success. Man must love his profession and must work with the sense of responsibility. Only in this way he can enjoy his work. The man who has a strong will-power can succeed in overcoming his problems. This old man ploughed the piece of land on the top of the mountain for two reasons. First, he wanted to this type of farming again. Second, he wanted to see his physical fitness. If we all work like him, we are sure to enjoy our work.[the_ad id=”17142″]

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