Lesson 11 (I have a Dream) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: Write ten lines on racial discrimination.

Discrimination means ‘distinction’. It means to observe the difference on some basis. The word ‘racial’ is from ‘race’, which means the division of human beings on the basis of color. In this way ‘racial discrimination’ is a political term which means considering differences on the basis of the color of the skin. In the U.S.A. the difference on the basis of the colors of the skin was in practice, particularly in the Southern States. In these states Spanish influence is dominant and this distinction is also because of this influence. This discrimination is very dangerous for the unity of the country.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Q: Write a summary of the speech.

This speech is fine example of the art of oratory. Its forceful style gave Courage and energy to the people who were fighting for their rights. First of all he acknowledged the efforts of those who had gone to jail for this cause. Then he urged them to go back to their areas and work with renewed energy. King presents before them a horrible picture of the situation, but at the same time he says that they can win their rights if they keep on struggling like this. He says that his dream of brotherhood is an American dream. He is sure that soon all the Americans, black and white, will join hands together. They will sing together the song of brotherhood.

Q: What are the measures you can take to ensure justice with all sections of society?

If the machinery of the government is impartial, all the sections of the Society can enjoy justice and peace. When everyone gets his rights without trouble or delay, there will be peace in the society. Most of the criminals are not born criminals. They are, in fact, reactionaries. If they get their rights on the basis of merit, there will be no social unrest. Justice can only be maintained by marinating equality among the people. So equality is the key thing that ensures justice to the whole Society.

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