Industrial Development in Pakistan Essay

By | January 9, 2019

Industrial development for our country is as much necessary as agricultural development. We can be advanced and prosperouş only if we industrialize our country well like China and South Korea.

Industrial development is necessary for different reasons. Firstly, industries provide employment to the people. Most of the unemployed people can get employed in newly opened factories and manufacturing centers as laborers, technicians, and workers of various categories. Further, as we mechanize our farming the idle agricultural laborers and farmers will be able to work regularly in industrial establishments in villages or cities.

Secondly, we can modernize our agriculture on sound lines only if we have well-established industries. We need tractors, harvesters, threshers, bulldozers, tube-well engines, and so on to mechanize our farming. Then we need spare parts for these machines to run them properly. We need a great many factories producing all these machines and their spares. We need more factories producing fertilizers.

Thirdly, with rapid industrialization, more and more people get employed in factories at proper wages and salaries. The general standards of living rise as people buy and use different kinds of factory-made (mass produced) goods like transistors, radio and television sets, electric fans, fine cloth and so on.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Fourthly, industries promote trade and commerce. Traders, dealers, shopkeepers, and laborers bring goods from factories to wholesale or retail shops. Banks also do a lot of business by keeping the money of industrialists and traders and by giving them loans. There is a greater circulation of money and the economy expands.

Fifthly, industries promote foreign trade. Now we export big quantities of industrial products. For example, we export cotton and woolen cloth, cement, cigarettes, medicines, shoes, sports goods, electric fans, surgical instruments, and so on produced in our factories. We can manufacture scooters, motorcycles, cars, tractors, refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc., for use in the country as well as for export.

Sixthly, industries are necessary for our defense. As soon as possible, we should begin producing military trucks, tanks, warplanes, submarines, and so on. For this, we shall have to develop the iron and steel industry on the most modern lines.

We should establish small-scale (cottage) industries in our villages. Heavy and medium-scale industries can be set up at the seaports, in the cities and industrial centers. The setting up of the Karachi Steel Mills and the Taxila Heavy Industries Complex should be the beginning of the complex but necessary process of industrialization.

Rapid and complete industrialization will remove the dark clouds of poverty surrounding us. It will bring us glory and power.

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