Importance of Discipline Essay in English

By | January 2, 2019

“Discipline leads us to organizational efficiency, collective effort and success.”

Discipline means training or control that results in suitable behavior. It also means self-control when we discipline or regulate (control) our thoughts and actions to lead a balanced life. Discipline should start at home. When the mother, father, and elders control the children and ask them to behave well, they discipline them. They tell the children to obey God, say their prayers, respect their elders, do their duties and speak the truth. This is done to make them or their lives disciplined. If the children do not act on the advice and directions of their elders, they live undisciplined lives. But it is necessary for the elders to show the best possible discipline in their behavior and work to make others disciplined.

The best discipline starts with our obedience to God Almighty and His orders or directions in the holy books. As we grow up, we learn the Holy Quran and all that God tells us to do and not to do. When we act on God’s directions; say our prayers regularly and act and work rightly, we come to have the best discipline in our lives. This is the discipline that we all need at home, in society and then in the world at large. The followers of other religions can develop this important religious discipline by following (acting on their religious books and teachings. Every religion asks human beings to do every right thing rightly.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The second stage of progress in the discipline outside the home starts with school. We learn to attend our classes at the right time (punctually) and to behave respectfully towards our teachers. We learn to avoid shouting and fighting, wasting our time and that of others. That is why the students who attend their classes regularly, listen to their teachers attentively and behave well in all matters at school become well-disciplined. They do their homework regularly at home and try to spend their time usefully. They respect their elders the same way as they respect their teachers.

The disciplined students who go to colleges and then to universities complete their studies successfully. After the completion of their studies, they join some professions and do their jobs to the satisfaction of their seniors. They rise to positions of honor and power, sooner or later. Everywhere in life, we observe the good results or fruits of discipline. The armed forces, the police, other different departments, private companies and organizations, courts, international bodies like the UN all practice discipline. Their workers follow or obey their rules and directions, and so they succeed and make their organizations successful. Those offices or places of work that do not maintain or keep suitable discipline fail in the end.

The opposite of discipline is indiscipline or disorder. We all should change indiscipline into discipline and disorder into order in our personal lives and in society.

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