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By | January 3, 2019

Essay on Importance of Adults Education (500 Words)

“We need adult education everywhere to enable adults to work on modern machines in factories and, on farms and to learn different production techniques.”

Adult education means education given to grown-up people or adults (persons above the age of 18). These adults are taught how to read and write. They are also taught how to work well in different professions. First of all, most or all adults in a country should be able to read and write. Most of the people in our country cannot do so. So, it is necessary to open a large number of schools to teach adults. Those people, who are already well educated, can also teach adults. If every educated person teaches at least one adult, we shall have considerable (quite a lot of) ‘private’ adult education. The students of our colleges can visit villages in their vacations to teach adults.

The radio, television, and films can also be used to teach adults. Through these, we can teach adults how to work better in their professions. We can teach methods of farming. We can teach them how to use tractors and other machines on their farms. We can teach industrial workers with modern methods of production in factories. We can teach women about new ways of cooking food and of sewing clothes. We can teach the uneducated people about the laws of the country to make them better citizens.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Adult education has great benefits. Educated adults can read newspapers and books and writes letters. They can read and write whenever they like. They can, thus, learn new facts and can readily become able. Educated adults can understand the politics of their country and of other countries. They can understand the political and economic policies of the government, and then they can discuss them wisely. Their voting becomes truly meaningful.

Educated people vote in elections in a responsible manner. They understand the programmes of different political parties. Then they try to cast votes for the party with the best programme. Educated people make elections meaningful and useful. Uneducated, ignorant, foolish and poor adult voters in their millions in our unfortunate (unlucky) country have become the laughing-stock (what is laughed at) of the world. The world is fast appreciating the virtues of true democracy.

We should have an adult education in our country on a large scale to make democracy a possibility. Effective programmes of adult education should be initiated (started) by the government and private agencies. For this, funds should be arranged at the national level after wise planning. These, in any case, can be obtained from the big landowners, businesspeople, industrialists, and capitalists of various categories or kinds through educational taxation. The government, as usual, should provide the major share.

Essay on Importance of Adults Education (400 Words)

Adult education is an education given to the adults or grown-up people of a country in different forms. It generally means teaching uneducated adults how to read and write. But it also means teaching them the ways of working efficiently in their different professions or places of work. It may also mean teaching them better ways of living, enjoying life or making use of their time.

Adult education is necessary in a country, like ours. About 75 percent of our adults are uneducated and illiterate (unable to read and write). They cannot easily learn new ways of doing work in their different professions. Consequently (as a result), they cannot easily progress or earn much.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Through proper adult education, our working people can become more useful for society and the country. They can serve their nation well by learning better ways of working on their jobs. Educated laborers can easily learn ways of working new machines. They can read books about the different techniques of production. Thus, they can become efficient industrial workers and can increase (add to) the production of their country.

Educated adults know or understand their rights and duties and the laws of the country much better than uneducated people. They can read newspapers and magazines and can learn about social and natural problems. They can discuss the political, social and economic aims of the government and the programmes of political parties. Then they can elect the most suitable candidates for positions of power.

I Ministers, members of Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies, educationists, social workers and, economic experts should discuss the ways of educating the common people in the mass media (the radio, television, newspapers and the Internet).

Under the national education plan, literacy centres can be set up in every part of the country. All kinds of buildings, like those of schools, factories, Union Council Halls, hotels, restaurants and government offices can be used. Temporary structures for teaching can be erected, especially in the villages. Teaching can be more effective through television and radio programmes, films, discussions and practical demonstrations of teaching materials.

Our schools, colleges and universities can provide adult education. Special classes for adults can be held there after the regular classes are over. There adults can be taught languages like Urdu and English.

Essay on Importance of Adults Education (450 Words)

It is said: ‘One is never too old to learn’. In fact education is a life-long process. There is no bar of sex or age. Economic and natural resources alone can not build a nation. What is more important is the human factor-the manpower. We have greater uneducated, semi-skilled and unskilled labour force. The villagers are victims of seasonal unemployment. Only the urbanites can enjoy educational faculties.

Poverty, ignorance and diseases are the main problems. facing the country. We can not call ourselves really free unless we are free from them. Education shall prove a shield against these social evils. In the words of Mathew Arnold: “

The real aim of education is self-discovery”.

It enables man to know himself and the world. An educated person knows what are his rights and duties. Only educated people can make Pakistan self-supporting and strong. Education is must for national integrity and unity. [the_ad id=”17150″]

From the foregoing arguments, it is clear that education is indispensable for all men and women, young and old. Everybody wants to lead good and respectable life. If we want to restore human dignity, we will have to pay serious attention to adult education in the country. All are not equally favoured by fortune. There are many who could not get education due to poverty, family pressure and adverse circumstances. Maný have been kept down under the feet of Sardari and Bradri systems. The light of education has been denied to many.

These unfortunate grown-up persons are also Pakistanis. They are simple and honest as compared to the privileged classes. Adult classes must be started all over the country. The time should suit the uneducated. It must be made compulsory for every graduate to teach and impart light to a certain number adults, before they are awarded their degrees. The rich must help in running these classes. Let them feel that they are also human beings. Social justice demands it.

There are to be separate classes for men and women under male and female teachers. The men should be laught the 3R’s-Reading, writing and Arithmetic. They can also learn simple skills under the scheme of Manual Training. The women should be given lessons in child upbringing, health and hygiene and cooking. Teams of educated and devoted persons should be sent to the villages during the holidays. They can be given training in cottage industries through the cooperation of the Government. Simply extending them electricity, can not bring real light to the villagers.

Special mobile teams should teach and demonstrate rules of health and hygienic and family planning to the ignorant masses. It will also help in solving our greatest problem-population explosion. Above all it will remove the sense of inferiority complex from the unfortunate and handicapped people. There should be lessons for adults on T.V. and Radio. It demands work and not empty talks.

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