How to Make Pakistan Strong and Prosperous (Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

 “We can make our country truly and prosperous through proper political, economic and legal systems combined with hard work and devotion.”

This question is in everybody’s mind today. The nation is facing many troubles, shortages and price rises. We want to make the country more productive and powerful. We like to see the people happy and satisfied. We desire to see them progressing in all fields of life. There is no easy road to success and satisfaction. All the nations whom we call great worked hard for their progress.

How can we progress in a world of competitions and struggles? First, we should all get properly educated. The students should study hard and improve their knowledge. The government and rich people should help those who cannot afford the expenses of education and medical treatment. We should have a well-educated and trained workforce in our villages, towns and cities. These educated and trained people will work easily on modern machines. They will increase agricultural and industrial production. They will produce the finest goods and machinery for export. The country will earn lots of foreign exchange. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Second, all the people should have equal chances of progress. They should be able to get jobs on merit. There should be no place for the recommendation. Third, society should be free of terrorism and terrorists. The law and order situation should be at its best. Everywhere we should feel safe and well-protected. Fourth, men and women should be equal. They should be able to work and earn in different professions on an equal footing. Fifth, there should be true democracy everywhere. The people should be able to elect their leaders for the assemblies. The elected assemblies should work independently and wisely. Sixth, there should be perfect justice in the country. The law courts should decide cases soon and deliver justice to everyone. There should be the rule of law.

All the people should be satisfied and happy. All should be able to earn well and to buy the goods they need. The prices of different things should not be beyond their reach. The people and the government should work together for the progress and prosperity of the country. We should soon have a society where peace and happiness smile everywhere.

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