Essay on War and its Causes (450 Words)

By | January 1, 2019

“Whatever the reasons, war should not be a solution to our problems in the modern civilization.”

Wars have been fought from time immemorial. No society and no country can claim to have a no-war history. Go to Africa, go to Europe, go to North or South America, Russia or Australia, India or Pakistan, and you will find bitter memories of wars fought in different ages and times in the minds of the people.

Among the causes of war the opposite claims on land or territory is the main one. The First World War was fought because Germany invaded (attacked and entered) Belgium in 1914 and then France and occupied them. Britain, France, Russia, etc. fought against Germany and brought her to a peace settlement. The Second World War started in 1939 when Hitler started annexing (making a part of his country) East-European countries. India took control of Kashmir soon after the independence of our country in 1947, and then there were three wars between her and us. Iraq tried to take possession of parts of southern Iran in 1979, and then the war between the two countries continued for several years.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The second main cause of war in modern times is the efforts of powerful countries to control the main production centres of oil, gas, and metals. Thus, wars between France, Portugal, Britain and India in the 18th century were because the European countries wanted to get .control of the Indian natural resources. In the end, the British took over. The wars between European powers in Africa were fought to control and use natural resources like diamonds, ivory and gold. The latest theatre of war in this way is the Middle East where wars have been fought for the control of oil, the most useful natural resource today.

The third major cause of war has been a religion though not so much in our age. We know how many holy or religious wars were fought between the Christians and Muslims about 900 years ago, called the Crusades. The War of Liberation in India in 1857 also partly got started for religious reasons. The Indian soldiers (“sepoys”) revolted against biting off parts of the cartridges greased with the fat of cows and pigs.

The fourth great cause of wars has been racial. Some nations begin thinking that their race is superior to all other races. They develop and promote racial feelings (racism) within their countries. As a result, they (like the Germans) begin fighting against and suppressing other races and nations. The example of the white control of the races of the black Indians in America is still fresh in our historical memory. The superior racial feelings of Western and partly of East European nations today are causing tremendous torture (pain and injury) to other nations.

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