Essay on The Value of Public Parks

By | January 7, 2019

“Public parks not only improve our health, but they also give new directions to our feelings and thoughts.”

It is in cities and towns that public parks are badly needed. The people living in small and big houses, in thickly populated areas, often want to move out into the open, fresh air of the parks. They leave their dusty roads and narrow streets to pass some time in the public parks where they can breathe fresh air and walk and run at ease.

Modern town planners understand well the need for public parks at central places. They plan out new housing colonies in such a way that parks can be used by the largest number of people. The benefits of parks are many. First of all, parks have a lot of greenery-flowery and evergreen plants, trees of various kinds, hedges, grassy grounds. We feel cool and fresh as we walk in and around the park. Our eyes get comforted and we feel great inner joy.

Secondly, a park makes the atmosphere of the whole area around clean and fresh. The trees help in bringing down the temperature a little and give us a moist (slightly wet) feeling. All this makes us healthier, and life really becomes enjoyable and charming.

Thirdly, a park is perhaps the best place for comfortable bodily exercise. Whether one likes to have long walks or feels like running or jumping, playing hide-and-seek with friers it is always a supreme pleasure to be in a park for a great deal of time.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In some parts of a park, with no one around, I sometimes feel like Andrew Marvell

Fair Quiet, have I found thee here,
And Innocence thy Sister dear!
Mistaken long, I sought you then
In busie Companies of Men.
(Andrew Marvell, Thoughts in a Garden)

Fourthly, some parks provide different kinds of entertainment in different ways. Ve may find there animals and birds in active movement, pastimes and games for children and restaurants and shops with soft background music for young and old people. We share the happiness of the animals and birds as we watch them at play in their enclosures and cages ready to come out in the open. Fountains in some parks increase (add to) their beauty and charm and make us more joyful. Our hearts dance with the dancing drops of water, and we wish to be in the company of the fountains for the time being forgetting the movement of the clock. In this joy, we begin remembering our golden childhood, the best of our lives and the best in the world. We have a taste of the freedom of childhood in the fresh, joyful air.

Fifthly, a park has joys for us in every part of the day and we can call them morning joys, afternoon joys, evening joys, night joys. Then winter morning and evening joys are different from summer morning and evening joys, and so on. And the pleasure of night walk through Y a park, with dim and bright lights twinkling around, sometimes with the croaking of frogs in the water and the music of the fountains, is without limit (is limitless). A public park is a place of rest and enjoyment for the poor as well as the rich. It makes us forget our problems and worries and makes us hopeful and happy.

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