Essay on the Study of Science

By | January 1, 2019

 “Science studies need constant changes and adjustments according to the global advancement in science.”

The study of science is necessary because we are living in a scientific world and age (period of history). First of all, we study science because it is not possible to produce and repair different kinds of machines without scientific knowledge. Science enables us to set up and run various industries. We need able scientists and engineers to set up steel mills and factories of different kinds. We should ourselves produce heavy machines. For example, we should be able to make all the machinery used in our bicycle, motorcycle, car, ship and airplane factories.

Modern medicines are prepared in the laboratories and factories set up by men of science. The study of science is necessary for the preparation of these medicines. We cannot have doctors if we do not have the medical subjects in our colleges.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The study of science helps students in becoming engineers. All the big buildings, bridges, dams, and wide and long roads are the result of their intellectual (mental) efforts. We have several categories of engineers constructing canals, running factories, producing electricity, managing the production and assemblage of cars, computers, medical equipment, and so on.

We have to use tractors and fertilizers on our farms. We cannot make quick agricultural progress in their absence. Men of science alone can make quick agricultural progress possible.

We need great scientists who may use atomic energy in the country for various construction purposes. If other countries can put atomic energy to constructive and destructive uses, why should we not do likewise? Already, we have an atomic power plant (machinery producing electricity) in Karachi. We have started using the atom for the cure of diseases like cancer. Already, we have built an atomic bomb for national defence. We should continue the use of atomic energy for peaceful and war purposes in different fields according to our needs. We shall do well to promote scientific education on the most modern lines. There should be more science schools and colleges in the country. Then the science laboratories in our institutions should have the latest apparatus.

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