Essay on The Scene at a Railway Station

By | January 6, 2019

 “Railway or train station scenes are part of our sweet memories.”

We often travel by train from one city or town to another. The scene at a station before the arrival, during the stay and after the departure of a train is quite familiar (quite known) to us.

There are vendors (sellers) on all sides selling their things according to the season. In the summer, the sellers of cold drinks raise loud cries with great emphasis on “cold,” “sweet,” “tasty,” “good for health,” “quenching the thirst,” etc. They sell them at rather low rates. Then there are also sellers of iced water. In the winter, sellers of tea raise the cry “hot tea” again and again.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Fruit sellers do a lot of business on the platform. They sell all sorts of fruit, but at somewhat higher prices. We find newsboys (newspaper carriers) selling newspapers and magazines on the platform. They raise loud cries about the latest news interestingly and impressively mostly about politics, crimes, and terrorism. Railway workers and officials go about their work in uniforms. Ticket checkers and inspectors in their white uniforms look very active. When the train does not arrive at the fixed time, passengers look repeatedly at their watches or at the big clock at the platform. Some of them talk about the arrival of the train in anger cursing the railway department.

Sometimes we can witness strange disturbances on the platform. In the rush and movement, pickpockets get a chance of playing their trick. When the train arrives, there is surprisingly a mad kind of rush around it. Passengers get off and jump on the train in a hurry. The coolies are seen struggling to carry the heavy baggage of passengers out of the station. Passengers feel easy (in comfort) on a platform with electric fans and other facilities like cold drinking water (in summer) and clean waiting rooms.

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