Essay on The Mass Media for Students

By | January 10, 2019

Media=sing/pl. the main ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment. The mass media=(pl.) sources of information and news such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet that reach and influence large numbers.

The mass, media means sources of information, news, and entertainment which are newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, and now the internet. These media provide information, news, and entertainment to the masses (all kinds of common people). It means that they disseminate (spread around) information and entertainment on a wide scale. They manipulate (control and influence) people, which is the subject of much research and discussion today.

Workers, professionals, educated rich people and all others men, women, and children everywhere are within the range and influence of the mass media. And, conversely, all manner of knowledge is within the reach of them all through the mass media. The mass media control their minds and thoughts and they reach the mass media-like hungry flocks approaching “pastures (grassy fields) new.”[the_ad id=”17141”]

Perhaps more than the print media, the audio-visual media (of sound and pictures) are easily accessible (reachable) for having effortless pleasures, The radio and television bring to everyone, whether literate or illiterate, the pleasures of music, songs, dances, drama, films and scenes of social and natural life. They open to us the doors of our own cultural life in all the provinces and in all parts of other countries. We are lost in the world of art and reality as we watch movies of love and art from different countries, most of them dubbed in English. With our understanding of this great language, we understand readily what is happening in China and Japan, Germany and Switzerland, America and Canada, Egypt and Nigeria, Australia and the Philippines, and everywhere in every clime (climate and country). We learned through the mass media what is happening in education, politics, industry, agriculture, trade, sports, war, the criminal sphere, and all other spheres under the sun. This is the international information and cultural revolution that has been brought about by the radio, television, and the Internet, and which is growing or expanding day after day.

The Internet is the latest addition to the mass media. It is a network connecting millions of computer networks in the world. Through it, we get connected to the official, educational, commercial, social, political and other fields of activity and thought the world.[the_ad id=”17142″]

However, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV, together with the Internet, can be made use of positively as well as negatively. They can develop our minds and character as well as distort them when they present to us scenes of corruption and evil doings. However, through their harmless entertainment they can keep us happy, satisfied and hopeful as well as well informed. Who would not like to work and struggle for high aims? if he is inwardly satisfied and happy?

The mass media can make us wiser and more knowledgeable about the passage of time. As we gather knowledge through them in different fields, our point of view or attitude towards life or outlook on life becomes universal and we begin feeling that we are citizens of the world,

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