Essay on the Concept of Accountability

By | January 8, 2019

Accountability means that any person who holds a position or authority is answerable for his acts and deeds. We all are answerable to God Almighty for all that we do in this world. So are the public or government servants and people in high authority answerable to the higher authorities, the courts and the government for their misdeeds.

Considering the urgent need for the eradication (total removal) of corruption and inefficiency from government departments and centers of power, our previous Parliament appreciably passed the Ehtesab Act in 1997 which had very high, noble and useful purposes and aims. In 1999, the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) Ordinance was promulgated (was made to take effect) by the military government. This Ordinance was amended in 2001 to make it more effective.

However, for a lasting and permanent treatment of the disease of corruption in Pakistan much more than the operation of the NAB Ordinance is needed.[the_ad id=”17141″]

First, we need to educate our masses on a large scale in order to make them understand their rights and duties. Second, the social and economic ills in the form of the feudal or “jagirdari” system and corruption in offices need to be rooted out. This will contribute to social and economic equality. Third, a very appropriate (right or suitable) political system needs to be introduced which can replace the parliamentary system of government. Fourth, the government in power needs to take revolutionary steps to increase agricultural and industrial production resulting in the lowering of prices within the country and in greater exports: Fifth, a sense (feeling) of high morality and devotion to noble principles is necessarily to be created among the people through the utmost (greatest) use of the mass media (the radio, TV, the press and the Internet) and our places of worship and educational institutions.

If accountability goes slow or the criminals manage to save themselves in some way, no government can succeed in ruling the country justly.

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