Essay on The Choice of a Vocation

By | January 10, 2019

We have different professions for educated people like the medical, engineering, legal and teaching professions. Different kinds of government service and service in the armed forces and the police are also some of the main professions.

We should choose a profession very carefully. Students should select their subjects for studies after careful thought to enter professions really suited to them. If they do not study for professions suited to them, they may have to leave them to study for others. Some of them may not be able to adopt any profession in a permanent way.

Firstly, a student should have a natural desire to work for it and should be interested in it. He should not think of joining it only because others think high of it or are earning a lot of money in it.

Our colleges and universities should guide us in the selection of our subjects and professions. Students joining a college or university should be able to learn the details of different subjects from teachers and experts. Teachers should advise students about the utility (usefulness) of those subjects as they know about the tastes, likes and capacities of their students.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There should be enough jobs for students entering different professions. In fact, the government should make arrangements for all manner of students who have to earn money after the completion of their studies. The government and the people should co-operate and provide work and jobs to students preparing for different professions, Stúdents of the sciences like physics, chemistry, and biology should be able to get work and jobs of engineers, doctors, scientists and teachers just after getting their highest degrees. So a student of the arts like literature, political science and economics should be able to get jobs of teachers, office workers, administrators, and so on.

A student should have the necessary ability for the profession he likes to join. He should learn his subjects well. For example, a student desirous of joining the engineering profession should learn about it all that he can. He should have enough theoretical and practical knowledge of the branch of engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.) which he wants to adopt (take up). “Professional knowledge” is necessary for those who want to succeed in any profession.

All professions are good in their own right. One who works properly and well in a profession is “successful” in life.

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