Essay on The Book I Like the Most

I have read a good many books of general interest. Of all these, I like Bertrand Russell’s “Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare” most. This book is of a small size but contains deep thoughts. It provides useful information on the different problems and dangers of a great war.

Russell says our world is faced with the danger of a great nuclear war. If a nuclear war takes place, atomic, hydrogen and other bombs and nuclear weapons will be used by the big powers. Nearly all the countries will be affected by this war. Most of them may get destroyed.

Russell rightly says that rulers or governments of powerful countries are making -greater and greater preparations for a big war. They are spending huge amounts of money on producing nuclear weapons. Countries like America and Russia are preparing increasingly destructive weapons. It is possible that satellites sent into space by scientists may be armed with nuclear weapons. Even the moon can be used by the US or Russia for purposes of nuclear attacks on other countries.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Nations should stop having doubts about each other. Countries should stop trying to dominate (have control over) others through war.

The most important part of Russell’s book is about disarmament (reducing the size of armed forces). He rightly says that all kinds of nuclear weapons should be prohibited. All the existing (present) stocks of nuclear weapons should be destroyed. Their scientific centers or arms factories (plants) that can produce nuclear weapons should be open to inspection.

Russell wants the United Nations Organization to become truly powerful. It should be in a position to stop one nation from starting a war against another. There should be an International Authority having its strong armed forces.

Russell has written his book (Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare) in a simple and interesting style. He explains his ideas well. We feel after reading the book that war is really extremely harmful and destructive. Russell has not discussed defensive wars, which may sometimes be proper. However, when all countries agree not to fight, even defensive wars will not be necessary.

Russell’s book is, of course, worth reading. It teaches good lessons to the entire world. Let rulers and politicians act upon these for the good of their countries and mankind (humankind).

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