Essay on The Blackest Law in History (the NRO)

By | January 8, 2019

The NRO was enforced by the military dictator Musharraf in 2007. Its purpose was to provide legal cover to corrupt politicians, administrators and powerful criminals and terrorists. The President and his government wanted to win their support by bribing them through the NRO. Some of these criminals and lawbreakers were in his government as well.

The NRO was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2009. The nation was hopeful of having the corrupt punished, earlier saved by the NRO. But the NĄB (National Accountability Bureau) could not act against the NRO beneficiaries in the government itself. The Supreme Court noted this and made efforts to reopen the cases against the country’s President who had kept billions in Swiss banks. The NAB also was made to reopen cases against other NRO beneficiaries.

The NRO legalized the corruption and crimes of highly placed people. It sanctioned the easy way to collect money and rise to higher positions through illegal means. It was the dirtiest example of showing favour to and excusing the corruption of important politicians, leaders and administrators. The foriner President allowed his helpers and associates to loot the government treasury and the country’s resources.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The NRO can darken the whole future of the country if its beneficiaries are not punished. No one, high or low, should be allowed to keep the people’s wealth and property taken by him illegally. No one is to be permitted to occupy. high offices and positions if he has cheated the nation earlier. It all will strengthen . democracy and the people.

More than the full implementation of the NRO, extreme (drastic) changes in the political, economic and educational systems are needed.

Finally, the framers of the NRO skjuld be declared traitors and enemies of the country. Their assets and properties should be confiscated (seized) by the state. They should be punished in exemplary ways. The people should feel sure that the country’s resources are spent on them and not taken away by the rich and powerful.

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