Essay on Greatest Inventions of Science

By | January 1, 2019

Some Modern Inventions of Science Essay – 700 Words


  • Scientific inventions have made life modern
  • the motorcar has made traveling easy and comfortable
  • the airplane can fly us over thousands of kilometers within hours
  • the railway engine can pull many railway carriages with hundreds of people and heavyweights
  • the tractor has made cultivation easy and quick
  • the radio and television provide us with different kinds of programs all the time
  • the VCR records TV programs, plays, and films to increase our knowledge and to entertain us
  • the printing press has made reading easy and fast through books, magazines, and newspapers
  • electronic watches and clocks
  • the computer
  • but many destructive inventions of weapons of war show the destructive use of science
  • on the whole, modern life is possible only because of science.

“The scientific advancement and inventions of yesterday are the stepping stones for further inventions and discoveries.”

Scientific inventions in different parts of the world have made our life modern. Let us have a look at some of these. Motorcar made traveling easy and comfortable. The bus and jeep also came to be used afterwards. The airplane can take us to places thousands of kilometres away within a few hours. The railway engine (the locomotive) can pull many railway carriages with hundreds of people and with heavy weights. The tractor has made cultivation very easy and quick. It can plow vast (large and wide) areas of land within a few hours. The tube-well engine easily lifts up water from under the surface of the earth quickly and in huge quantities.

On the radio, we can hear people speaking hundreds or thousands of kilometres away from us. On television, we can see pictures as well as hear the voices. Now artificial satellites and dish antennas (aerials) can help us to view TV programmes of even other continents. TV has, thus, brought about a revolution in sound, picture and colour communication. No wonder it has given all the pleasures of the cinema plus a variety of colourful programmes of the either world within the four walls of a room. We get connected to the planet earth as a whole as we watch the sliding pictures on the mini-screen.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Next, we shall get connected with different planets and planetary systems. Connected with TV is the DVD (digital video disc), which records data and plays it back. The Blu-ray Disc is the latest development in this connection.

Through the camera, and now the camera in the mobile phone, we can have pictures in. black and white and in color. We can make films with these pictures. In the printing press, we can print newspapers, magazines and books on a large scale (in a big way). It is because of the printing machines that we have so many books, magazines and newspapers. Electronic watches and clocks and electronic instruments are the result of modern scientific research. Different medicines prepared by scientists can cure most of our diseases.

The computer is one of the latest inventions that have made the calculation, designing, printing and planning very easy. We can advance swiftly in different fields like space exploration, engineering, banking, and so on because of its magical operations. The E-mail and fax systems in it have made the communication of written messages in actual form within seconds and minutes possible.

There are a great many “destructive” inventions in the form of weapons of war. Big guns, bombs, and poisonous gases are some of these. Atomic weapons and missiles are another categories of the massive killers. We should avoid using science for destructive purposes as much as possible. We have thousands of allopathic and homeopathic and even Greek (“Unani” or “Hakimi”) medicines and modern surgical methods and instruments. They are the outcome (result) of thousands of years of continuous scientific research and experimentation.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Life-saving drugs and surgical operation theatres in our well-equipped hospitals are a standing (permanent) witness to the power and usefulness of science. In the ultimate analysis, modern life is possible only because of the scientific inventions and discoveries around the world.

Some Modern Inventions of Science Essay – 450 Words

The saying: The more you do, the more you can do applies better in science than in any other field of human activities. In fact the march of our civilization is the march of science. Scientists are the greatest benefactors of mankind. When well are lulled to sleep, they are awake and busy in making new inventions. The history of our civilization is the record of constant human efforts to make our life more beautiful, comfortable and happier.

We are greatly indebted to the scientists and their new inventions. The most commonly used inventions of modern science are varieties of electric household appliances. Refrigerators, deep freezers, electric ovens and kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, heaters and air-conditioners, Lifts and elevators have made modern homes, hotels and offices more snug and comfortable.

Science and technology have made wonderful progress during the post-war period. The two are special features of the Space Age. The modern miracles-space journey, satellites, ocean-explorations, landing on the moon and assailing of other planets, would have been impossible without most recent technology. The most wonderful invention behind all these great achievements are computers, the mechanical brains. [the_ad id=”17150″]

The birth and evolution of computer technology will go down as the most significant event in human history. It has added a glow to human life in more than one ways. Computers have made great in-roads in national life. They have invaded all the fields – science, commerce, politics, education, Industry, news media, communication, medicine, amusements and management. It has rightly been called the eighth wonder of the world’. Use of computers has revolutionized our lives.

Modern offices hum with sounds of office machines – typewriters, calculators, dictation machines, copiers, fax and data-processing machines. Life in the past used to be simple, easy-moving and peaceful. It has now become full of hurry and worries. New sources of energy are being tapped for human use. Atomic energy, solar energy and nuclear energy have been harnessed to be used in the service of mankind. There is one dark cloud that mars the beauty of the whole thing. Unfortunately, these inventions are being used more for war purposes. War is always cruel and destructive. Atomic war weapons, long-range missiles, poisonous gases, compression bombs, hydrogen bombs, laser rays, germinal bombs and other secret weapons behind the Star-War are some of the satanic modern inventions.

The present arms-race among the powerful nations is an alarm bell for the human race. The new inventions are also signed of national triumph. Modern nationalism attaches greater importance to military power and triumph, political supremacy and economic success. Their current worship of MARS (war god) and Mammon (god of money) is a great danger to the survival of mankind. The best remedy is the scientists must refuse to put their inventions into the hands of crazy politicians.

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