Short Essay on Smuggling (505 Words)

By | January 2, 2019

“Smuggling is social treachery (betrayed of society besides being a crime.”

Smuggling is a dangerous social evil that is quite widespread (common all around) now. It simply means bringing things of different kinds from other countries illegally, secretly and against the rules of the customs. It also means taking things out to other countries illegally without paying taxes on them.

We have, in many of our markets, smuggled goods, of different kinds that are easily sold. We even have special markets of these smuggled goods where expensive foreign watches, ornaments, pens, clothes, cassette players, TVS, shoes, crockery, ornaments and all manner of articles of daily use are sold. Smugglers bring these goods into these markets illegally without paying any taxes to the government. In the same way (similarly), precious (valuable) metals like gold and silver and drugs like heroin and opium and cigarettes are smuggled in and out of the country secretly and illegally.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Smuggling, is highly harmful to any country. Firstly, the country loses a lot of money by way of unpaid taxes and duties when goods are smuggled in or out. Secondly, the industries of the country are badly affected when foreign goods are sold at prices lower than their market prices inside the country. For example, when foreign bicycles and electronic goods are smuggled into the country, in large numbers, the sale of Pakistani products in these fields will at once drop. Thirdly, banned goods are smuggled in with the co-operation of some corrupt government officers with smugglers. Arms, wine, immoral films, magazines, and CDs are smuggled into the country in this manner. Fourthly, banned goods like certain metals and defense equipment are smuggled out illegally. Despite laws and punishments, smuggling continues apace (at a quick pace). Even international law is defeated in its operation. Much wiser and greater steps for checking to smuggle are needed.

We should take the necessary (much needed). steps to check and stop smuggling. First of all, we should ask the people through newspapers, radio, and television and through public speeches. not to buy smuggled goods. Secondly, we should develop industry and trade inside the country so that most of the attractive electronic and other goods of daily use are produced properly inside the country. Thirdly, we should take care that the quality of goods produced inside the country is better or at least the same as that of foreign goods. Fourthly, we should punish smugglers heavily so that the smuggling of drugs and other banned goods stops forthwith (immediately).[the_ad id=”17142″]

However, while curbing (checking) smuggling on a massive (large) scale steps should be taken to provide alternative jobs or employment to the smugglers. If you can’t set up industries and can’t provide gainful employment to the so-called smugglers, say, in the NWFP and Balochistan, how will the businessmen be able to earn and live?


  • smuggling; a dangerous social evil, is widespread

  • what smuggling means-smuggled goods of various kinds in our markets

  • Why smuggling is so very harmful

  • what steps we should take to end smuggling.

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