Essay on School Education in Pakistan

By | January 7, 2019

For a developing country like ours, education is necessary for all kinds of progress. Benjamin Disraeli, a famous British Prime Minister, said in 1874, “upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.” This very well applies to Pakistan where about 75 per cent people or more are still uneducated. It is school education that needs to be modernized and streamlined (systematized) if we want to achieve any respectable level of progress and development in any part of this century. Let us examine the condition of school education here in its basic details.

The school sector of education is divided into the kindergarten, the primary stage and the middle and higher school stages. When a baby is sent to a kindergarten or nursery at the age of 4 to 6, his education begins to have permanent impressions on him. Psychologically, the mind of a child is the most receptive and impressionable at the earliest age. Except for the very rich people, it is not possible for an ordinary person to send his small children to standard kindergartens for their very basic education and training.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The next stage of our school education is the primary stage from Class I to Class V. We know quite well how the rich send their children to well-established English schools where education is given in English except for the subjects of Urdu and Islamic studies. The poor children get admitted to ordinary government schools, common private schools and religious academies (madressahs), maintained by mosques or religious centres. The children in the English schools learn English very well and are taught the sciences and arts in modern ways.

The courses of studies in Class IX and Class X are, more or less, a continuation of the courses of Class VI to VIII. While all the science and arts subjects have the matriculation courses in standard form, it is surprising that the students complain of difficulties in learning mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other science subjects. These are not easily understandable, as they have been introduced without proper arrangements for their teaching. That is why the students find it difficult to understand all their parts without special guidance in private coaching centres.

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