Essay on Professional Education (440 Words)

By | January 3, 2019

“We need to educate our people to definite levels immediately for suitable performance in different fields of productive activity.”

Professional education means education for a certain profession. It is a special kind of education. Those working in different professions can also obtain it. Professional or vocational education is provided in professional schools, colleges or universities. For example, in technical schools students are taught the use of different kinds of machines. They are taught how to operate (work), assemble and repair them. In medical colleges, students are educated for the medical profession. In engineering colleges and universities, students are educated to become engineers. In law colleges, students are educated for the legal profession. Then there are colleges where special training is imparted (given) to teachers.

Our country cannot make much progress without proficient (able and skillful) engineers, doctors, teachers, and other professional workers and experts. We need engineers to build roads, bridges, dams, etc. We need doctors to keep our people healthy. We need all sorts of professional men to work in different fields like commerce, industry and private and government administration. We have to provide professional education to our people in different subjects to have all sorts of professional experts.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We should have as many professional colleges in our country as possible. We may have agricultural schools in our villages. Their farmers may be taught modern methods of farming. We may have schools for electricians, carpenters, motor mechanics and other technicians in all our cities and towns. We may have a greater number of schools and colleges for bankers, accountants, nurses, and other professionals. Then, we shall be able to have more well-trained men and women for different fields of official, medical, technical, industrial and commercial activity.

Professional education makes our future secure (safe). After obtaining it in a complete way, we are sure of having proper jobs and suitable incomes. It prepares us for an active life of effort. A well-educated professional man can easily get appointed to highly paid jobs in foreign countries. There is a great demand for such men in the Middle East and Africa. Even the advanced countries like Japan, Germany, France, Britain, and America welcome able and intelligent professional men and women from developing countries like ours. Some of our professional people are working in important scientific, industrial and commercial centers in these countries. Their research work and original ideas (like those of our Nobel prize-winner. Professor Dr. Abdus Salaam) have helped in the scientific and industrial pre progress of the advanced societies. We should have professional education of the best kind in our country. Only then can we expect to make quick progress.

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