Essay on Pakistan and the Islamic World

By | January 10, 2019

Pakistan has rightly been the hub or center of importance for the entire Islamic world since her independence in 1947. The purpose of this essáy is to examine the special relationship of Pakistan with other Islamic countries and the role she can play in this context.

Firstly, Pakistan shares with most of the Islamic world the past of foreign rule (or domination). Just as Pakistanis gained independence after tremendous struggles and sacrifices, the brave people of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. won their freedom. Just as after independence Pakistan had to face the injustices of stronger and bigger countries to her in various forms, the other Islamic countries had to undergo (pass through) similar experiences.

For example, India caused wars with Pakistan because she failed to solve the Kashmir problem according to her promises to the UN. India started constructing dams across the rivers flowing into Pakistan, forcing us to sign the Indus-Basin Treaty with her to our disadvantage. She has long-term plans to exploit us (take undue advantage of us) in the name of Indo-Pak friendship.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Right in the heart of the Arab world, the independent state of Israel was created, strengthened and developed to become a constant threat to its very existence. In order to have a constant flow of oil from the Arab states, the western powers exercise military as well as political control over the middle eastern governments. The American and English invasion of Iraq in 2003 is in our full view. The dispute between Iran and the Western powers over the use of atomic energy is the latest example. The western powers do not let the Arabs use their oil weapon in their own defense even. Then the long rule of the Western powers and their constant. support to their own choice of rulers has kept most of the people of the Arab and other Muslim countries uneducated, uninformed and backward.

Almost all the Arab and Muslim states maintain outdated political and social systems, which are either monarchical or dictatorial. In these countries, the common people are more or less, like the common people of Pakistan- dumb spectators of a silent game, the game being one of the politics of the rich and the influential. So the Islamic countries, including Pakistan, have similar social and political structures that need to be changed almost completely if they want to join the ranks of the advanced countries.

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