Essay on Our National Languages

By | January 8, 2019

Our national languages should be at least two, Urdu and English if we want to progress well. It was a mistake of vast proportions not to give English the status of a national language in our Constitution.

Urdu will be able to grow and develop if it is used together with English in all fields of national life and activity. More and more English words and terms will join Urdu in new combinations as we embrace English with a fresh passion and will.

It is argued that other advanced countries like Japan, France, Germany, and Italy have their own national languages, which have caused their progress. It does not hold good at all in the case of English, as it is not foreign to us at all.

Firstly, the Urdu sentence has almost the same structure as the English sentence. Urdu is the nearest to English Secondly, a very large number of English words are already part of Urdu, and these are commonly used by all the people. Thirdly, English is already in use in all our offices, courts, educational institutions, trading centers, hospitals, communication networks, the mass media, etc. and even in many of our homes. All our professional work in medicine, engineering, aviation (flying), building construction, imports and exports, foreign affairs, etc. depends on English. The continuation of English as a national language is our need and is in our best interests.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Fourthly, everyone in the four provinces, Azad Kashmir and the northern and tribal areas can learn English at ease and in comfort. Everyone is proud of learning it, and rightly so.

Fifthly, English is a very convenient link language for all parts of the country, to bring them together like a loving mother, to make them work together in unity like a wise father and to bring all the knowledge and ways of the world home to them like an able teacher. English is – with us to promote our provincial and regional languages, too, in the friendly company of Urdu. Its existence as a uniting and cementing force will help in the evolution or development of a common culture.

Lastly, and most importantly, English is not a foreign language. According to modern research scholars, English is an Indo-Aryan language and has deep connections with Sanskrit. Urdu, Punjabi and some other regional languages of ours come from Sanskrit. Hindi and quite a few Indian languages arise out of Sanskrit. So, all in all, English is related to and connected with our languages like the palm joined to the fingers. It is, by all standards, our national language, part of our life and culture and a sure and safe means of our progress. It should be a declared national language, together with Urdu, when it already is a national language for all practical purposes.

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