Essay on Nursing as a Profession

By | January 1, 2019

 “Nursing is the noblest of all professions as it is based on motherly care and sisterly affection.”

Nursing is an important profession. There is a great need for nurses everywhere. Both men. and women work as nurses, but women are in greater number. Nursing as a profession is very suitable for women. It is so because a woman can look after (take care of) the patients and serve them like a mother or sister.

She can provide them the comforts of the home. She can understand their needs for clothes and food. She can be as kind as a mother and as loving as a sister. A nurse gets proper education and training before starting her work in her profession. During her training, she is taught how to give medicine and food to patients, how to know about their difficulties and how to serve them in the best possible ways. [the_ad id=”17141″]When a woman becomes a nurse, she enters a very noble profession. She leaves her home to serve ill people. She comes to the hospital to bring comfort and happiness to patients. A nurse is a link between the patient and the doctor. She tells the doctor about the condition of the patient.

She gets medicines from the doctor. She gets directions from the doctor about the food to be given to the patient. Nurses are of the greatest use in time of war. They serve the wounded (seriously injured) soldiers. They look after the civilians wounded during bombing raids (attacks) of the planes of the enemy. Nurses serve a very useful purpose when there are floods, earthquakes, great storms, etc. They look after and provide first aid (basic medical treatment) to the injured. They work outside in extreme heat and cold, in the forests or deserts and in the mountains.

A nurse has to be very punctual and active in her work. She has to reach her place of duty and has to administer (give, provide) medicine to patients at fixed hours. She may have to keep awake all through the night looking after patients. A nurse earns her living in a respectable way. She serves human beings as she works. Her motherly and sisterly role should be duly (properly) recognized and acknowledged. With the expansion in health facilities, hospitals and clinics we shall be needing a much larger number of nurses than we have at present. For this, better and more nursing educational institutions will have to be set up. We should teach the best ways and techniques to our nurses of looking after patients and the suffering of humanity.

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