Essay on My Neighbours (500 Words)

By | January 6, 2019

Outline for My Neighbours

  • neighbors are important to everyone and are pleasant if they are fine people

  • the place where I reside

  • my neighbors one by one the neighbor described lastly is the best to me

“Neighbours are a blessing when they are good-natured and noble.”

I have a number of neighbors most of whom are extremely fine people. Some are, of course, a little troublesome, but I like them even. I reside (live) in a street where all manner of people live. There are many houses around mine. A businessman lives just close to my house. He has a cloth shop in the main bazaar of the city. He is very rich, but he does not spend much on his house. As a result, it is always in bad shape.

Another neighbor of mine is a poor schoolteacher. He is very honest and active in his work. The people of our street trust him best of all. If there is a quarrel between two neighbors, he is often asked to settle it. I very much like one of my neighbors, who is a lawyer. He is much interested in politics and wants to become a successful politician. He is quite young, and so works hard in the courts and always looks busy. [the_ad id=”17141″]Yet, he finds time to help his neighbors by advising them about their legal problems. A rich landowner lives at some distance from my house. He has a large family. The loud noise of his TV often upsets his neighbors. He also plays the guitar in a masterly fashion. Whenever there is a festival or big party in the neighborhood, he is invited as a special guest with his guitar.

There is a neighbor of mine who works in an office. He is all the time quarreling with his wife. The noise of his quarrels is very disturbing to his closest (nearest) neighbors. His wife demands of him new, fashionable clothes and jewelry. But he cannot afford to buy her all these. Now he is thinking of working part-time in another office. This he told some of his neighbors, who were worried about his household (domestic) problems.

A young poet is a new neighbor. He lives all alone in his small house, as he is unmarried. He works in an office from where he returns in the afternoon. He invites other young men of the street to his home and takes a special interest in reciting his verses to them. But before reciting his verses, he entertains them well with tea, soft drinks, biscuits, sandwiches, and sweets. He is a successful poet of some fame. It is said all around that he failed in his love, that is, could not win his beloved, which turned him into a poet.

When I am away from home, say, in another city, I remember nearly all my close neighbors. My family also remembers them with me. We all miss them in our talk and thoughts. Such is the attachment we have for our neighbours. And I do hope that our neighbours have the same affection and love for my brothers, sister and parents.

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