Essay on My Favourite Newspaper

By | January 6, 2019

“The newspaper you like informs and entertains you best of all.”

I have been reading the daily ‘Jang’ for the last three years. It is my favorite newspaper. I like it for different reasons. First of all, I like the newspaper because it tells us about the latest happenings in our cities and villages. It informs us about every part of the world. The arrangement of the news in the paper is very proper (suitable) under impressive headlines. The most important news can be seen on the first and last pages. The newspaper gives correct news about our country and other countries. It does not hide anything from the reader. That is why it is so popular and has the largest circulation of all newspapers in this country.

The editorial of the newspaper is usually very informative, impressive and critical. The editor writes it in a very bold manner. He criticizes anything objectionable or harmful he finds in society. He also writes on international affairs in a critical way.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The “Jang” has special religious and social columns. It provides interesting articles and pictures for children and women. These are quite informative. I come to know about the problems of women in our society while. reading the women’s column. I learn about the needs and desires of children while reading their column. Quite often, there is the students’ column in the paper. It gives useful information about our colleges and universities. It lets us know about college and university debates, games, elections and literary and social activities. Then there is the humorous column nearly every day. The writer of this column criticizes the follies and faults of people belonging to different classes.

The Awami Adalat (People’s Court) is a very special attraction of this famous newspaper. On the burning topics of the day, important leaders and scholars are invited to express their views in the People’s Court. Thus, the people come to know about the delicate social, economic, educational and political problems presented to this newspaper court.

The court gives its opinion on these problems for the guidance of the people and the government. The government can frame its policies conveniently and wisely on these social and other problems with the help of the opinion or decisions of the Awami Court. The cartoon is sometimes well drawn. It shows the mirror to our rulers, leaders and important people in which they see their ugly faces and misdeeds. I enjoy reading the newspaper every morning. I wish it progress and advancement in all possible ways. Let it become more independent in its policies. Let it be said by people here and abroad that this great newspaper fought bravely against injustice and corruption. Let it also be said that it openly waged (fought) a long war on the side of the noble and truthful.

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