Essay on My Favourite Magazine

By | January 6, 2019

“The magazine you like helps you to pass your time in useful enjoyment.”

My favorite magazine is the Urdu Digest. I have been reading it for the last few years. We find stories and different kinds of essays in the Urdu Digest. We can read summaries of novels in it. Then we get useful information about the politics of our country and of other countries. We also learn about the ways of keeping good health.

The stories published in the Urdu Digest are very interesting. Often we have short stories by famous writers. But we also have stories by new writers that are very well written. There are also translations of short stories of other countries in the magazine. The editors write very well on political and social problems of our country and those of other countries. They help us to understand them. The editor writes in an easy and charming style. There are some very informative essays in the magazine about history or historical places, events, wars, etc. They tell us a lot about the past of different societies and important events in history.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Essays or stories about the experiences of important writers and personalities are a regular feature of the magazine. In these, the writers describe their great and surprising observations with comments. While reading them, we feel as if they are talking to us.

The Urdu Digest increases (adds to) our knowledge of the world. It provides details of important political events in different parts of the world. It lets us know the causes and results of the events. It describes the world economic situation, as it is from time to time. It publishes interesting articles and pictures about notable economic changes and political happenings. It gives descriptions of theatres of war in different parts of the world like Kashmir, Palestine, and Iraq. It gives the causes and results of terrorist happenings around the world.

The magazine publishes useful articles on world-famous people. These tell us a lot about their private and public lives. Sometimes, we learn how an ordinary, poor person reaches a high position of honor and power through hard work and determination. We, thus, learn to rise in life with honest effort. At times, we have sweet jokes in the magazine that entertain us tremendously (superbly). The Urdu Digest is one of the best magazines of Pakistan that I like to read again and again (repeatedly). I wish it further success and glory.

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