Essay on My Favourite Game (Cricket)

By | January 6, 2019

My Favourite Game (Cricket) with Outlines

Outlines for My Favourite Game (Cricket)

  • cricket is now the most popular game, so important cricket matches are watched by lots of people with a deep interest

  • a cricket match that I attended between one college and a club, played in our cricket ground

  • how the match proceeded (bean and continued)

  • Our cricket learn finally won the match

“An important cricket match attracts us more than marriage parties and colourful festivals.”

About a month ago, my friends and I watched a cricket match. It was between the Friends’ Club and our college. It was played in the cricket field of our college and was only for a day. Each team bowled for half of the day. Most of the students of our college were sitting or standing around the cricket ground. The teachers of our college were also present. The college was closed for the day, as it was a very important cricket match. The match. started at 9 a.m. First of all, there was a toss. The Friends’ Club won the toss. So their batsmen went for the opening. Our players started the bowling. They played wonderfully well. We took four wickets in the first hour. The score of the other team was only thirty. All the players of the other team were out by 12 noon. Their score for the first innings was 109.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The players of our college started batting after the lunch hour. The bowlers of the other team were doing a little better than their batsmen. But their fielding was not so good. They missed five catches in two hours. The result was that our team scored 110 runs before 4 p.m. Only 6 of our players were out. Our college team won the cricket match quite easily. There was a loud clapping at the end of the match. Our students lifted the winning players on their shoulders and started singing songs of victory.

The above cricket match really entertained us. The players of the Friends’ Club tried their best to score more runs. Some of their players played well. We had hoped that the match would end in a draw. But, because of the fine game of our players, it was won by us. After the match, the players of the other team decided that they would play another match against us.


My Favourite Game (Cricket) Simple Essay

My favorite game is, of course, a cricket that I am so much fond of like millions of people around the world who are deeply interested in it. I like to play it as much as possible, and I love to watch it being played by expert cricketers.

“Cricket,” otherwise, is a brown jumping insect associated (connected) with good fortune and intelligence. In this sense, if we apply this meaning to the game of cricket, we would not be much surprised to find intelligent cricketers who are fortunate to have lots of wealth and property and who enjoy worldwide fame. Interestingly, in another way, the word “cricket” comes from the French “croquet,” which means “stick for a bowling game.” However, this game started in English around seven hundred years ago though its rules were written two hundred years ago.

[the_ad id=”17142″]Earlier, village boys bowled at a tree base (stump). Then rods were fixed in the ground with a piece of wood placed on them, which became the wicket. And a stone used to be thrown at the wicket, and now a stony ball! See how the English developed their cricket, and we, in comparison, have not given any new shape to our “gulli danda,” somewhat like cricket. Later, cricket was extended from England to its colonies-Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, and others. Surprisingly, the US and Canada never were seen under the popular influence of this suspenseful game.

What is most appealing or interesting about cricket? It is continuity from one hour into another, from one player to the next. Thus, it keeps the players as well as the viewers in happy or unhappy suspense, shock, and surprise. Like the changing brightness of the day and the moods of the weather, the scores of the teams continue moving up and down moodily. Suddenly, the top stars of a team are out, and with that its future becomes uncertain.

Secondly, the glamour (charm and beauty) of the stadium, the shine of the white kits of the players and their jumping, running, shouting and waving of the arms and other ways are all very pleasing and exciting.

Thirdly, cricket is now, at least in most Commonwealth countries as well as ours, symbolic (indicative) of national honor and glamour (charm). A country winning the one-day international series or the Sharjah cup or another such trophy, and the World Cup, on top of all, is honored and respected the world over.

“We gain in dignity (honour) as we succeed in cricket.”

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