Essay on My Dreams and Fears with Outlines

By | January 6, 2019

Outlines for My Dreams and Fears

  • dreams are an important part of our lives

  • my dreams, pleasant as well as unpleasant

  • some dreams that I often have

  • my dreams, thus, please me, and they also pain me

“Dreams are reflections of our desires, feelings, fears and experiences, and also of our reactions to what people do to us.”

Often I have dreams, pleasant as well as unpleasant. Here I am going to describe some of them. I have pleasant dreams more often than unpleasant ones. On long winter nights, I dream about my future. At times I dream that I have become a famous leader. I see in the dream that wherever I go, people gather around me and begin clapping in joy. They begin raising slogans in my praise. Another pleasant dream of mine is about a journey to other countries. I sometimes I dream that I have gone to America. I see in my dream that I have reached New York by plane. There I stay in a very grand hotel. I go out of the hotel to the markets of the city. There I buy some articles-fine cloth, a wonderful CD player and a watch. Then I return to my hotel.

Rarely (on very few occasions) I have a very strange dream of reaching the moon in a spaceship. There I feel (in the dream) that everything is still no. movement of any kind. I find no one to talk with. However, I find a lot of gold all around. I take it into my hands and then throw it down realizing that it is of no use here. I also have sweet dreams about my future when I shall be very successful and rich.[the_ad id=”17141″]

I also have some very unpleasant dreams. These I often have during the summer. Sometimes I dream that I am sitting on a plane flying at a great height. All at once, the engines of the plane stopped working in the air. But somehow, the pilot made a safe emergency landing in cultivated fields. There was no one to help the passengers and the crew of the plane. A few hours later, by chance, a helicopter in the distance spotted (took note of) our plane, and it began moving towards our position. We waved to it several times with our arms holding clothes in our hands. To our extreme joy and satisfaction, the helicopter came down in great noise close to our plane.

Three elderly people and the pilot of the helicopter down, and the elderly people introduced themselves as, landowners of the area. They were using the helicopter for spraying seeds and fertilizers in the fields. The pilot was a young jolly fellow who said that he could never have expected such happenings in village areas that is, an aircraft making an emergency landing and a helicopter coming to the rescue of the air passengers and the crew. The landowners and the pilot made three trips to the nearby village to carry all of us on the helicopter. Thus, ended this happy and unhappy dream.

Some other fearful dreams are associated with my studies. Sometimes I dream that I have taken important examinations, but have not done my papers well. I am afraid of the results. I really dislike one ugly dream of mine. It is about war. I see (in my dream) that as a city is bombed, hundreds of houses are on fire. Thousands are killed or wounded, and there is general suffering. But in the above dream, I hear a woman crying loudly, “Peace is better than war.” Just then, I give a loud cry “Yes” and get up. So I can say that my dreams often please me. But sometimes they are really painful like life, which is more painful than pleasant.

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