Essay on Love of the Country (400 Words)


  • What is patriotism and who is a patriot?
  • Patriotism a great force to bring people together
  • patriotism and the armed forces
  • patriotic people work for the progress and lorry of the country
  • we shall be patriotic, but should not hate other countries

“Patriotism should not be allowed to develop into severe nationalism when we get opposed to other nations for our own national glory.”

Patriotism is a feeling of love for one’s own country. It is a desire to serve it in all conditions. A patriotic person always likes his country and nation more than any other.

Patriotism is a great force. It brings the people of a country closer. It makes them have common aims. It makes them feel that they have to live and die together. True patriotism makes the armed forces of a country do their duty with great effort. It is because of patriotism that the soldiers are ready to die for their country. [the_ad id=”17141″]In fact, patriotic people defend the country, from external and internal enemies. It makes them ready to fight however strong, the enemies may be. Patriotic people do not like activities harmful to the nation or the country. Thus, they do not like bribery, corruption, and dishonest trading.

Patriotic people like to work for the progress and glory of their country. They try to make their country powerful and rich. They try to do their duty in the best possible ways. The labourer in a factory tries to produce more and more of things for the people. The businessman tries to sell his things at proper prices. The teacher tries to teach in the best possible ways. The student studies his books with real effort. In any case, we should not begin hating other countries or nations in our spirit of patriotism. We should not think that our country is superior to others and has a right to dominate (have a controlling power over) them. A number of wars have been the result of such an attitude. Hitler, for example, made his country suffer because of misdirected patriotism.

Patriotism can make us not only united and strong, but also advanced. We all should be patriotic in our feelings and thoughts, aims and actions everywhere all the time. However, we should not think that we are superior to all other nations or countries in the spirit of patriotism.

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  1. Lovely perception. Indeed Patriotism is something that need not be glorified. If someone is a true patriot, he/she never boasts.


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