Essay on Life of the Postman

By | January 1, 2019

Postman Essay – 400 Words

“The postman used to be a welcome messenger and a likable visitor with the precious post, but his status has come to be diluted by quicker modes (ways) of communication.”

The postman is of great use to all of us. He brings us letters, postal money orders and different kinds of messages, notices, parcels and packets. He is a messenger of hope of joy for us when he brings favorable, pleasant information. Sometimes he also brings unpleasant information or news. Yet he is always welcome. The postman goes from house to house, office to office and shop to shop carrying his bag of letters and parcels. He carries a lot of money to bring to the people anxiously (eagerly) waiting for it. He goes on doing his day’s work till he has finished it.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The postman goes to the post office in the morning and collects all the letters, parcels, money orders and papers that he has to deliver. Then he starts on his bicycle. Sometimes he goes on foot when the post office is inside the city and he does not have to cover long distances. In the village areas he has to walk over the fields and along the rough passages. In short, he is always on the move. The postman comes to deliver letters in pleasant as well as unpleasant. weather. He does not care about rain, storm, heat or cold. He moves about with his letters at ease and without any worry. He does his work in his ‘khaki’ uniform like a soldier.

The postman is often in a happy mood when he brings letters and money orders to us. He is very pleased when we pay him some money on a festival like Eid. The salary of the postman is quite low. He cannot easily meet his expenses. When he has a large family, he finds it very difficult to support it. There is need to make his condition better. If the postman is sufficiently (or suitably) educated (or educates himself), he can hope for promotion in service. He can rise to the position of postmaster or even to a higher one. The life of the postman is really quite active. Except on holidays, he is actively busy from morning till afternoon.

Postman Essay – 500 Words

We are living in an age of communication. The word communication has different shades of meaning. The sociologists take it for public channels like newspapers, radio and audiovisual aids. For a civil engineer, it means roads and railways; for an electric engineer, telephone and telegraph, for common men it means exchange of news and information.

There is a network of postal services all over the country. The post offices provide both mobile and immobile services through their staff. they handle letters, telegrams, parcels, money orders, dispatches, deposits and deliveries of various documents. One of the humble employees of postal services is the postman. He is a government servant. Now the government has transferred the services to the private sector in some cases A postman is on the mobile services. [the_ad id=”17142″]

Postman is a familiar face in all the circles. He generally puts on a khaki uniform and a turban. The turban is now discarded. We Pakistanis as a nation, have a poor regard for the head ware. In Bharat, Gandhi cap is still a mark of national identity. But we are ashamed to put on the Jinnah Cap. The postman is not an exception. In big cities, they are not even ashamed of putting on the uniform. It is doubtful whether the department supplies it or not. A postman is low paid servant. He is seen delivering letters, telegrams, parcels and money orders from door to door. Some people anxiously wait for the postman. When they are eager to hear about the welfare of their near and dear ones.

The postman brings both good and bad news for the readers. Anyhow, people generally welcome him. He has free passage in all government and the private offices. The high ups generally inspect the mail first He has to cover long distances on foot according to the area of his beat. People having their relatives abroad are always anxious for money orders and good news. He brings gifts and parcels, greetings and Eid cards. On happy and festive occasions, they give ‘Inam’ (Tip) to the postman.

In the interior and villages, the postman is aļso supposed to read the letters and money-order slips. Only poorly educated persons take up the job. He has to sort out the mails (in & out) and stamp the letters and envelops. In case of baring and under-stamped letters, the postman has to keep and give the account of money collected from the addressees.

For sometimes, people have been complaining about postal delays. Some postmen are careless and dishonest. They destroy the letters to escape from long walks. Nowadays they are provided with bikes to cover delivery services. A postman is a friend of the people, a harbinger of good tidings.

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