Essay on Life of the Policeman

By | January 1, 2019

Policeman Essay – 450 Words

 “The policeman can be our protector, helper, and guide in the true sense besides a terror for the law-breakers.”

The policeman’s life is very difficult. He is busy with his work from morning till evening. Often he is on duty at night. The policeman gets up very early in the morning. He has breakfast, wears his ‘khaki’ uniform and goes to the police station. There he is told about his duties. The policeman has to work in his area. He stops others from breaking the law. People take his help when they feel any danger to their life or property. The policeman also controls the traffic. He has to stand for hours together on a road crossing. He points to the directions in which vehicles (cars, buses, motorcycles, etc.) should move. He stops the drivers violating the rules of traffic and “challans” them. Whenever there is a procession, the policeman is with it. He tries to stop it from damaging public property. He stops it from acting against the law in any way.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Whenever there is a public meeting, the policeman has to be present in it. There he stops people from using force against each other. The policeman is on duty in the bazaars. There he keeps a watch on the shops, banks and other commercial centres. He takes action or calls for help from the police station whenever thieves or dacoits (robbers) try to rob a shop or break into any private or public place or building.

The policeman may have to be on duty in the streets and on the roads throughout the night. He may have to walk with other policemen to catch criminals. Sometimes the policeman has to face great dangers to his life. When he has to catch a dangerous criminal running away from the scene of the crime, he is prepared to fight. He has his gun and knife with him.

Parties of policemen are sent to catch smugglers carrying smuggled goods or robbers moving from one place to another. These are some of the most dangerous situations a policeman can be in. Here it is a matter of ‘do or die’ for him. If he performs his duties well and risks (endangers) his life, the government awards him a prize.

The policeman really does a lot of difficult and dangerous work. His role is important in every society, eastern or western. He should fulfill it without hoping for or trying to get a lot of money or a rich reward. In any case, no policeman or police officer should try to use force beyond the requirements of the situations he is dealing with. He should not at all be allowed to kill criminals or peaceful citizens in arranged armed fights or encounters (armed contest).

Policeman Essay – 500 Words

Old people used to say: When a horse is unlucky, it is yoked to a Tonga; and an ill-fated man joins the police. It is, indeed a hard and arduous job to be a policeman. The government maintains large army in order to defend the national boundaries and preserve sovereignty; likewise she has the keep good police force for maintaining internal order and peace and to protect lives and property of the people. The present disorder and unsafety of the life and honour in the country, is solely due to the inefficiency of our Police force.

The term police includes topmost officials and the lowest ranks called policeman or cop. there are police stations in every locality or Mohalla. Each station is headed by an Inspector (SHO). There are a number of sub-inspectors and policemen under him. A policeman is a Government servant. In some areas there are Lady Police stations with the exclusive women police force. The policemen have to put on special Wardi (Uniform). It varies from province to province. In Karachi we see policemen in white. uniform and black shoes. [the_ad id=”17142″]

Police is a common sight. We see policemen on roads and crossings, in public places and mobile vans. It is called the traffic police. Police units also patrol round the city during day and night. There is a reserve police force that is called in at the time of emergency. The fate of a typical policeman or cop is really hard. He is supposed to be on duty for twenty-four hours. He is a lowly paid servant. He has to keep himself fit by doing regular drill and exercises. A policeman is supposed to be a friend of the public. He is the guardian of law. But it is not so nowadays. As a class, policemen are highly corrupt from top to bottom. Therefore public has lost all confidence in the police.

People are heard saying: ‘Police is quite useless nowadays’. They lack in sense of duty and are dishonest. An Indian picture showed a young man visiting an Astrologer. The Astrologer studied his hand and predicted – ‘Vehicles will role round about you’. The young chap was glad and broke the good news to his widow mother. He took it for Richman’s future. When he became a policeman, cars, taxies and buses plyed round him as he stood on the police Island. What a fate! It is the general fate of typical policeman.

The cop has lost his self-respect and dignity. People are not afraid of him. Some defy him and even give good drubbing (beating). The white Wardi and belt have lost public confidence. We generally see police in foreign films in T.V. features. They were highly vigilant, honest, dutiful and helpful, and defy all risks. The Sherlock Honies series are famous all over the world. Here is a model for our police mean. He must copy them if he wants to restore his image and lost respect.

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