Essay on Life of the Factory Worker

By | January 1, 2019

 “A bus conductor not only sells tickets, he is a public relations officer for the bus company and a manager of the bus affairs.”

The life of the factory worker is hard and difficult. It is of course one of honest labour. The factory worker gets up early in the morning. After having breakfast, he begins preparing for his work. He starts for the factory and reaches there on time. He works in the factory for about eight hours. There is a break in work in the afternoon for an hour or so. During it he has his meal (food) and takes some rest. He works on machines, which he has learnt to handle. Or, he carries goods produced to the godowns or stores of the factory. He may have to carry raw materials to the machines as well.

The factory worker returns home quite tired in the afternoon. He takes a bath and changes his clothes. Then he sits with his wife and children and enjoys their company. He listens to the transistor or watches TV if he can afford it, and feels satisfied to hear songs and music or to watch interesting programmes.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Generally the factory worker has a large family to support. He may have as many as six or seven children. No doubt, his income is much more than what it used to be eight or ten years ago. But still, it is not enough for the needs of his family considering the inflation (rising prices) in the country. He can be better off with a smaller family.

Now, the factory worker and his family enjoy some medical facilities free of cost. He can buy things of daily use from “fair-price shops or depots in factories. He enjoys benefits of insurance. If the factory worker dies or gets hurt while working, his family gets the compensation (payment for loss). Factory owners should also make arrangements to educate their workers or labourers. Educated and trained factory workers will be able to work better in different positions. Some factories offer facilities of education to the children of the factory workers. They have their own schools where the children can study free of cost. Still the majority of factory workers or labourers find it difficult to educate them. Factory owners should make proper arrangements for their education.

Some factories provide travelling facilities to the workers and their children when they happen to have their own buses or vans. But, a large number of workers have to walk or use bicycles or buses to reach their places of duty. The factory worker and his family will be far more satisfied in life if they come to have proper residential (housing) facilities. Some factories have no doubt provided residential quarters to their workers. The factory worker should work hard honestly. This will bring him success and honour.

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