Essay on Indiscipline in Our Colleges

By | January 8, 2019

Indiscipline in most of our colleges and schools is on the increase. We can very often witness scenes of indiscipline in our classrooms, playgrounds and in the compounds or on the campuses of our institutions. Indiscipline may be in the form of making loud noises or mutual fighting or disobedience of the rules of the institution in many different ways.

First of all, the general atmosphere in society has badly affected our educational institutions. In the past, indiscipline in one form or another has been a regular feature of our social life. Political, religious, labor, and other disturbances, based on a misunderstanding, has increased confusion and disorder. Disorderly public meetings, processions, and strikes, under various governments, have made many people disrespectful towards the law. All these developments in society have influenced the thinking and behavior of our students. Now terrorism is the great disturber.

Very often quite a few senior politicians have behaved in the most indiscipline manner, for example, in the National and Provincial Assemblies. They have never given thought to the bad effects of their irresponsible behavior on young minds. They have even tried to use students as tools to gain their ends (aims).[the_ad id=”17141″]

Second, overcrowding in colleges and schools is, in a great measure, responsible for indiscipline. It is not easy for the teacher to teach and control a class of eighty, hundred or even more students. He cannot attend to each student and satisfy him.

Third, the general low social status of most of our teachers makes students take them lightly. Many students, under the influence of modernity, are impressed by such things as ‘power,’ position’ or ‘status.’

Fourth, teachers and students have been pulling apart for the last few years. Quite a few teachers have limited their work to classroom teaching attaching little importance to outside contacts with students. Therefore, they cannot affect the general attitudes and thoughts of their pupils.

Fifth, students have begun showing less and less of interest in studies and sports. Studies make students mentally disciplined while sports make them physically fit.

Sixth, students have been exhibiting more and more interest in politics. This has made quite a few of them attached to this political party or that. They have often learned well the indiscipline of polities and forgotten the decencies of education.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Now, the question arises how we can put an end to all this indiscipline in our colleges and schools. The answer is quite easy. Improve the general atmosphere in society. Bring every person to respect the law. Take steps to finish overcrowding in educational institutions. Make the teacher a man of high social status give him authority and power to control students. Bring teachers and students closer. Let the students hear what learned teachers have to say outside the classroom. Make students interested in studies and sports. Take students away from practical politics.

Students will feel satisfied and happy if they become religious in the true sense. We should have proper religious education in our schools and should continue it in colleges according to the changed needs of the students.

We should , n fact, remove the causes of indiscipline among students. Most of this essay is devoted to the description of these causes and suggestions for their removal. Let us attack the problem of student indiscipline in a systematic and scientific manner and make a bright future for students and education possible.

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