Essay on If I Were the Minister of Education

By | January 6, 2019

“If this wish is fulfilled, I will help you to reach the top of the mountain of knowledge.”

If I become education minister, I shall do a lot for students, teachers and education. First of all, I shall try to set up as many schools in the villages as possible. I shall myself visit the rural (village) areas and ask the villagers to educate their children. I shall also open schools for adults (grown-ups) in the rural (village) areas and shall make arrangements for the distribution of free books among them.

I shall start new schools, colleges and universities in the cities. I shall try to have a proper number of students in the classes of every college. I shall have a special education fund to which the government as well as rich people will be made to contribute. New buildings for schools and colleges will be constructed with it. Thus, a large number of teachers will be employed.

I shall try my best to have higher standards of education in the country. For this, I shall allow only able and intelligent teachers to work in our educational institutions. It will be my effort to have standard books published on different subjects. I shall encourage effective writers and have special prizes for them. I shall try to reduce the prices of books. I shall try to have new libraries in the country. But I shall also expand the old ones. All these libraries will be having all the books needed by the students and the public. Poor students find it difficult to buy books and things (articles) of daily use. I shall have special scholarships for such students. Then I shall try to provide them work in government departments before or after their classes.

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One of my greatest aims as education minister is to make universal education in Pakistan a reality. Many say that it is impossible to educate all our people in cities, towns and villages in the absence of sizeable (large) funds. As minister, I shall suggest agricultural and industrial reforms (great social and economic changes) for a better economy. When the economy improves a lot, the government will have the funds to open new schools and to spend on education for all.

Another main aim of mine will be to provide different kinds of education, scientific, technical, professional, political, social, etc. according to the needs of the society in its different sections. Thus, if a certain area or group of people needs scientific education, schools and colleges will be set up for this purpose. If an area or group needs education for training in different professions like welding, carpentry, motor engineering, computer operation, etc., educational institutions will be set up. Thus, the whole country will be divided into educational areas or zones under a national plan. This will help in the availability of trained and educated labour for employment inside and outside the country. Greater production of better goods will result in more exports and fall in prices inside the country.

My dream to become minister of education may come true one day. Then I shall do everything that I have described above.

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