Essay on If I Were a Billionaire

By | January 6, 2019

“If I ever become a billionaire,
I will do everything positive and nothing negative.”

Gone are the days when millionaires were considered to be important people since the fall of the value of the rupee on international markets. Now I wish I were a billionaire to have my · desires fulfilled in my dreams or ideas, if not in reality.

First of all, I would buy a most beautiful house outside the city (in the outskirts) with wide lawns and gushing (flowing out quickly) fountains. Birds would be found sitting on some of the rarest (most uncommon) plants, green, yellow, red and blue in brilliant sunshine and milky moonshine. Some of the richest fruits of all the five continents would be found hanging by the lovely branches of the dark green earth-kissing plants of the finest kind. And between the trees on the soft, grassy grounds, I would play different games with my friends and classmates. Musical instruments will be played by the best musicians in soft tunes.

Secondly, with a part of my wealth, I would have a very spacious (with a lot of space) library hall constructed beside (close to) my house. The most important and useful books in the arts and sciences would be brought from all over the world and placed in this library. It will be a well-equipped library with compact discs (CDS) of films and recorded programmes on different subjects of real interest for all kinds of students, teachers, and scholars.

Thirdly, with the money with me, I would set up a public hospital for poor and middle-class people. All the facilities for the treatment of different diseases will be provided here. And, the patients will be able to get all the medicines easily.

Fourthly, I would develop the most impressive public park in the country. Different kinds of shady trees and plants will add to its charm. Games for children and grown-ups will be an added attraction. Restaurants will provide all manner of foods to the visitors. The income generated (provided) by this park will be constant and will be spent on the maintenance of the public hospital.

Fifthly, I would set up a huge factory producing cotton and woolen cloth of the best quality. The income from this factory will be offered to deserving students, doctors, engineers, technicians, artists, writers and teachers in the form of scholarships to help them to study further.

Sixthly, I would like to go around the world several times to write a book about different societies and cultures.

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