Essay on Fashions among Students

By | January 3, 2019

Fashions among Students Essay (400 Words)

 “Fashions, if not very expensive and morally harmful, should be approved.”

Most of our students are very fashionable. The fashions of their dress to go on changing. .. We find different kinds of fashions of clothes. Sometimes girls like to wear long shirts. Sometimes they wear shorter ones. So also, they wear tight trousers or “shalwars” at one time and loose at another.

Girls also have fashions of the “hair.” Most girls like eastern fashions of making the hair. However, some also make their hair in the western style. They even have their hair cut. Some rich girls like to wear wigs in order to variegate (give variety to) their hair appearance. Sometimes the girls wear shoes with broad toes, and sometimes with pointed ones. The shoes may be closed at one time and may be open at another. There are fashions of “colors” of the dress even. Girls may like the dress in green color at one time. They may soon begin liking it in red at another. They may like light or dark colors at different times.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our boys also try to be fashionable. Quite a few of them in colleges like to wear the western dress of the latest style. The shapes of their shirts, coats, and pants go on changing with the fashion. Sometimes they wear shirts and coats of broad collars, and sometimes of narrow ones. Their pants may be with tight bottoms or with very loose bottoms. Now, for the better, they have different styles of Pakistani dress like the “Awami (public) suit.” Our students also go on changing the styles of their hair. Sometimes their hair is quite long, and sometimes a little short. Sometimes there is a strange fashion among some boys of shaving off their heads.

Fashions are useful in a way. They provide color, brightness, and variety to college life. They make students care about their dress and behavior (for superb clothes quite often demand matching decent behavior). Fashions are harmful, too. Quite often students begin spending too much money on their dress. They become unnecessarily dress-conscious. In fact, rich students introduce new fashions. The fashions of their clothes change like the seasons. It is, therefore, necessary to tell these rich students to be simple in their appearance and behavior. An able student in out-of-fashion clothes is better than a useless student in fashionable clothes.


Fashions among Students Essay (300 Words)

Students are generally fond of fashions. They try to be as fashionable as possible.

There are different popular fashions among the youth. These fashions are mostly of clothes, shoes, hair, and make-up. There are also the “fashions” of walking, talking, laughing or behaving in definite ways. However, all these fashions change with time. Girls wear, long or short shirts and “shalwars” or saris.” They like to wear tight or loose clothes according to fashion. A number of girls have their hair cut or specially dressed in fashionable ways.[the_ad id=”17142”]

Boys also try to wear clothes according to the latest fashions. They wear tight or loose pants, shirts having collars and sleeves of one shape or the other and specially sewn coats. They wear shoes with ..pointed or flat toes. They have their hair cut in the most fashionable ways. Those students who have their faces shaven sometimes begin keeping mustaches. Now the “Awami suit” is much in fashion.

New fashions among the students come into being for different reasons. Firstly, rich and well-to-do students generally like to have changes in their fashions of the dress. Some of these students begin Wearing clothes in new ways to become prominent. Others also begin copying their new fashions.

Thus, fashions are the result of the desire for newness in the ways of wearing different kinds of clothes. Second, students watching films often try to copy the fashions of actors.

Those parents, who are not rich or well-to-do, find it very difficult to provide new fashionable clothes to their children. If students are not so fond of fashions, they can save their parents much worry and trouble. Fashions can affect our social attitudes for the worse. Fashionable people, at times, begin hating those who are poor and cannot dress themselves in so modern a manner.

In fact, our students should be as simple as possible. They should try to attend to their studies more and to fashions less and make the best use of their time.

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