Essay on Electricity for College Students

By | January 1, 2019

“Electricity is not only an angel of light, but also a most dependable agent of production in industry and agriculture.”

Science has made the use of electricity possible. Electricity is used in the home, in factories, on roads and almost everywhere. First of all, electricity gives us bright light at night. It makes our homes look beautiful. All the passages through them, all their inner and outer parts can be lighted together. We can throw big parties in our homes decorating them with electric lights. Take away electric power, and half the charm of life is gone. The electric light in our homes makes reading and writing very easy. We can study in this light for any length of time. We can have bright or dim electric light in our homes as we wish. There are electric lamps of different powers. There are tube lights of different colours and sizes.

The electric heater warms our rooms in the winter. Though expensive, it is better than coal or gas appliances (instruments). It is so because it does not give out dangerous gases. In the summer, we can use electric fans to cool our rooms. Most of the people in our country, at least in the cities, use electric fans widely. Rich people use air-conditioners though quite shamelessly some run them on stolen energy in a poor country like ours. We listen to the radio and watch television in our homes. Both work with electricity. Both bring different societies and countries, with their political and economic policies and situations and military reparations, to us into our rooms.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We use the electric iron in our homes. Thus, we increase (add to) the beauty of our clothes, and those less attractive in appearance manage to acquire (have) better looks. Some rich people also use the electric furnace in their homes. They can cook their food on it quickly and easily. There is the electric kettle. In it we can boil water for tea within a minute or so.

Most of the modern home comforts are the result of the use of electricity. Machines like the washing machines (for washing clothes), refrigerator, air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner and juicer and grinder are electricity operated (worked). With the electric sewing machine, we can sew a large number of clothes in a short time. Electricity has provided various other comforts too. Lifts (elevators) running on electricity take us to the higher floors of a building painlessly. Some modern and fashionable houses have electricity-operated automatic doors and windows. And so on. Electricity is really a blessing for us all.

Now in the 21st century electricity is helping us to operate the computer all the time. Without it we could not maintain computers that are responsible for the running of banks, factories, the communication system, hospitals, government offices, defence installations, and so on. In this sense electricity is a necessity.

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