Essay on Dish Antenna, Its Uses and Abuses

By | January 8, 2019

It was the dish antenna or a dish-like aerial system for TV that was earlier used for receiving signals from TV stations. It was a large concave reflector for the reception of radio waves from outer space or in radio telescopes. Its use in our country was greatly on the rise when the cable was introduced a few years earlier. The cable companies now use very huge and professional antennas with sophisticated (modern and complex) mechanisms and satellite stations to convey the programmes of TV stations around the world to TV viewers. The users of the cable are also in the privileged position of benefiting from the Internet for gaining valuable information and enjoying varied entertainment.

The cable and dish antenna are among the latest in the line of electronic developments of the radio, TV, tape recorder and computer.

The positive uses of the cable are many. First of all it helps the distant parts of a country to come closer and get unified in a unique manner. Those living far apart beyond the range of one TV station can watch TV programmes of all the stations of the country at the same time (simultaneously) through it instead of depending on satellite communication. Different nations and countries can watch each other’s programmes at will any time. This can bring all the countries, together and cause them to understand each other’s problems and difficulties if only care is taken that TV programmes are designed to increase understanding and love between different nations and peoples.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, the cable has made possible direct communication of news and pictures from one part of the world to all other parts. This role is informative, and it surely replaces that of the newspapers and journals to a great extent (largely). For extremely busy people, some time spent before international TV programme network can be as rewarding as reading lengthy newspaper reports for hours together.

Thirdly, as never before, a ready comparative viewing of TV programmes of many countries can be made at one sitting. We can decide which TV station in which country is doing better and in what ways, and so we can watch and listen to the best of all. Be it the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Japan, China, the Philippines, Russia or any other country, we can pick and choose the most appealing: The national TV can no more monopolize our time and attention. Nor can. any one country dominate our culture.

Fourthly, travel, trade, industry all are promoted and expanded by rapid circulation and communication of information regarding atmospheric and travel conditions, market situations, and production processes in operation around the world. We can decide about travel anywhere and make important business plans in view of all that we learn thus.

Negative Uses of Dish Antenna

The cable or dish antenna is not free from possible dangerous effects on us individually and socially.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Firstly, international TV viewing can open the doors to a complex kind of cultural invasion of (attack on our society. When a large-scale use of the cable begins, diverse cultural standards (values) are paraded on the screen in the form of dances, songs, scenes of group (communal) worship, celebrations of events, film shows and diverse other desirable and undesirable activities. All these can create confusion in growing minds. Morals can be affected adversely (badly) or eroded dangerously. Some viewers, at least, can get misdirected and misguided.

Secondly, the luxurious lifestyles of the advanced countries can arouse (give rise to) feelings of jealousy and inferiority in the citizens of less developed states. Scenes of crime from one country can lead the citizens of another to similar criminal actions at least at the level of imitation (copying).

Thirdly, the cable gives, more chances and i attractions to students to spend their studying time watching TV. What national TV does to the harm of studies is before us all, what international TV can do is simply intolerable.

It will not be out of place to suggest checks. on a free use of the cable and dish antenna, and these checks can be imposed by the government in society and by parents at home and maintained until the nation reaches a proper level of advancement in education, science and culture.

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