Essay on Character is Destiny (Fate)

By | January 10, 2019
character is destiny essay

character is destiny essay

Essay on Character is Destiny (Fate)

World history proves that the greatest and lasting achievements and successes of human beings have come through the strength of their character and knowledge. Just as knowledge is power, the character is the ability that tells us how to use this power and for what purposes.

Let us discuss how a high, noble and thoroughly positive character can be developed. Firstly, it is a fact that character is inherited (got from one’s parents at birth) to some extent. We have often heard of a person being spoken of as noble-minded and good-hearted or good-natured. There lies something in the inner being of an individual that cannot be changed for the better or for the worse by any kind of company, education or training.

Secondly, we should consider the factors that generally affect character development. These are the social surroundings or environment in which a growing person or a student lives. The atmosphere of the place determines character in this sense.

Next, to affect character development are the political and economic conditions of society. If the political leaders are of high character and noble conduct, their thoughts, actions, and behavior become – shining examples for all fellow citizens. The character-formation of students, especially, is affected. Then, if the country is democratically well established, that is, when in it democratic institutions are respected and promoted, there can be an open atmosphere of discussion, argument, agreement, and disagreement. The minds and hearts of young people can be positively influenced and their characters. can develop depth and flexibility. If the economic situation of the country is hopeful, agriculture and industry are expanding and jobs are plentiful, positive character development is more possible. The people develop a happy attitude and a work philosophy of effort, struggle, and competition. That is why the general character levels of the people the democratically advanced countries like the US. The UK, and France in terms of ideas, action, and aims are very high. The high individual characters put together to form a Grand National character which determines national destiny or fate.

Destiny, then, is the result or outcome of character whether it is of an individual or a nation. Our own characters and the national character, in general, will lead us to individual and national successes, the result of the use of the scientific method based on experimentation and calculation.

In the modern context, two systems of idealism are needed by us in our country–personal and national. Personal idealism should prompt (move) us to achieve our high personal aims in society as teachers scholars, writers, scientists, office or factory workers soldiers or any kind of professionals. This should make us successful through an effort by improving our ability and efficiency. National should be reflected in our literature, the mass media and speeches and talks of our main political leaders. Our people will act to realize (achieve) their personal and national ideals well if they are properly educated, rightly guided in different directions by teachers and leaders and are strong religiously and spiritually.

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