Essay on Careers for Women for Students

By | January 10, 2019

Women form about half of our population, and they are active members of society, yet we have not succeeded in according (giving or granting) the position or status they deserve. What should now be done now?

Firstly, almost all women should be educated to different levels. Education up to Intermediate is quite necessary. Secondly, the old traditions and conventions (practices or customs) barring women from outside work will have to be abolished. No doubt, the purdah system (the veil) is no more so popular, but the traditions of keeping women confined (restricted) to the home are quite alive, în villages and small towns and the ‘underdeveloped parts (slums) of our cities. Thirdly, we have to reduce the dependence of the whole family on the male head.

What professions are suitable for women?

Firstly, most women are naturally fit for the teaching profession. At the school level, female teachers can provide motherly love and attention to children and can teach comparatively more devotedly than men. At college and university levels, too, a woman. can teach perhaps as effectively as men.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, the nursing and air-hostesses professions and the like are more suitable for women. Here womanly attention, care, and service are needed, which men cannot provide so well.

Thirdly, with the expansion of commerce, there is a growing demand for saleswomen and office clerks, secretaries, and managers. Thousands of women can be usefully employed in these capacities to the satisfaction of traders as well as customers.

Fourthly, with administrative expansion on the government and non-government level, more and more women can be gainfully employed as clerks, secretaries, and officers in various, capacities.

Fifthly, women are very suitably performing work in the garment, handicraft and toy factories and factories producing jams, cold drinks, bread, etc. at home or outside the home. They can stitch clothes well, help in shoe-making, and can work at ease and with interest in fields of their choice like those of cosmetics production, clothes and shoes designing, painting and engraving.

Sixthly, the medical profession needs the services of more and more of female doctors to attend to the female population, children and generally to men as well.

The professions demanding strenuous work and labor and long working hours like those of engineers, technicians, factory workers, daily laborers or masons are definitely not so much suited to women.

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