Essay on Atomic War (555 Words)

By | January 1, 2019

“Atomic.wars will destroy (devastate) everything completely; so they do not take place.”

No one anywhere would favour an atomic war because of its destructive dimensions. Even the countries in possession of atomic or nuclear weapons, like the us, Britain, France, Russia and China would never think of using them. Nor would they allow other countries (like our own) to develop and produce atom, hydrogen, nitrogen, cobalt and neutron bombs and the bomb-delivery systems or mechanisms. Yet, the race for the development and production of these highly dangerous weapons continues in different parts of the world for defensive and offensive purposes.

We can understand how much destructive an atomic war can be from a study of the dropping of the two atomic bombs by America in Japan in 1945. The first atomic attack was made on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 destroying 3 square miles of the city and wounding or killing more than 160 thousand people. The second atomic attack on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945 caused the same kind of destruction of life and property. The air was full of atomic radiations (rays) in and around the cities for years to come. Those who survived (continued to live) the atomic bombings in Japan became permanently ill with deadly diseases like leukaemia (when the blood contains too many white cells) and cancer. Many of the children born to such diseased people were deformed and ill.[the_ad id=”17141″]

An atomic war is entirely different from common (or conventional) wars like our wars with India in 1965 and 1971. It is not the death of a few thousand people in war, and then the opening of a new chapter of life. Rather it (a nuclear war) is the destruction of a whole society, of most living creatures and vegetation and an almost permanent closing of the chapter of life. People will die like flies and insects in the event of an atomic war and those left behind will be as useless as dead.

If an atomic war takes place, the atmosphere will be filled with atomic radiations. The people of the warring countries, and of several other countries as well, will get killed or wounded. There will not be much left to eat, drink or use. Buildings will collapse (fall down), water will get poisoned and most animals and birds will die. Trees and plants will disappear and fields will go dry becoming useless for agriculture. The winning country will be as much wasted as the losing one, and there will be an equality of death, destruction, and disease.

The Outlines for Atomic War Essay

  • Now seven known countries and some unknown possess atomic weapons

  • the use of atomic or nuclear energy by different countries is very condemnable

  • several developed or advanced countries, and even some developing countries like Pakistan and India, possess and produce nuclear weapons and have arranged bomb

  • delivery systems

  • an atomic war is highly destructive as we understand from the dropping of atomic bombs by America on Japan

  • even those who continue to live (survive) an atomic war become permanently ill as shown by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan

  • atomic war is completely different from common wars like our past wars with ļndia, thousands or even millions get killed by the dropping of even one atomic or hydrogen bomb because is left for the winning party to get from the end of war.

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